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Someone who believes that studying physical sciences, nature, or natural history can help answer most, if not all, of our questions.
The term Naturalist is preferred by many Atheists because they have realized that to define "Atheism" using that terminology implies that religion or superstition is necessary in order to understand the philosophy of not believing in a god or gods.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 17, 2008
Mother In Need of Attention

Usually seen sporting a huge wedding ring, tight cloths, fuck me boots and a single friend. Never seen with husband. Generally does not actually want to hook up, but needs to feel attractive and wanted.
The other night at the club there was a pack of MINAs who flirted with every guy in the place, hit on the bartenders, acted vaguely bi and who all went home alone before midnight.
by Pointer of the Obvious October 30, 2009
Usually the first thing that someone must admit to themselves before becoming a Freethinker.
Once John said there there is no god, he realized that all of us are part of a million year old social structure that is as complex as any of our body parts.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 17, 2008
One whose sole job is to point out what should be obvious to people, but isn't. Sometimes considered a smart ass and yet is somehow almost always right.
The Pointer of the Obvious responded to my Urban Dictionary and made me look like an ass - what a jerk.
by Pointer of the Obvious July 28, 2008
What insecure young males call each other when they don't have anything intelligent, clever, or witty to say.

The term is meant to be derogatory, but usually just points out that the person who uses it is unsure about their own sexuality.
Dave: Yo momma's so fat Her blood type is Ragu.
Steve: Oh yeah, well... ...you're a faggot!!!
Dave: That's all you got? Wow, how sad. Say, wanna blow me?
Steve: Yes.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 18, 2008
A word used by the far right wing to label people who are intelligent as not being of the people. By doing so, the far right wing is insulting those they wish to reach by saying that couldn't possibly relate to anyone an IQ over 100.
Even thought John McCain owns 7 homes, is worth over 100 million dollars, has an economic advisor who thinks that our recession is caused by whiners, and doesn't have a clue how much a gallon of milk costs, he still calls Obama an elitist.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 22, 2008
The answer to the unfortunate and overused fad currently occupying 13-15 year old kids who have yet to learn about a) masturbation or b) cable.
Of the thousands of scene kids out there, none have an original thought, show any creativity, or stand out from any of the other losers who look and act just like them. So sorry guys, we have all scene-it.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 1, 2008