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A self-aggrandizing word that gives the impression that you are likely to be selected, but in actual fact you are not.
President Trump tweeted that he was PROBABLY going to be named “Person of the Year,” but first he would have to agree to an interview and a photo shoot before they could formally award him this highly “covfefe” title.
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by MathPlus November 25, 2017
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Used as a generic response. If there is nothing more to be said, then close with a "Probably."
A: People like complaining.
B: Probably.
A: What time does the football game start?
B: Probably.
by 5Q September 20, 2011
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An expression used by someone whose life lacks any joy or happiness to convey sarcasm and pull others into his black hole.
Zac: Damn I'm good at basketball.
Vincent: Probably.
by Rob March 31, 2003
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An adverb used in any statement which is almost certainly false.
A: Where the hell is Tom?
B: He probably ran down the train track and died of amnesia.
by J Dogg October 15, 2003
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