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the swift act of kicking a female in the crotch with enough force that the foot actually gets lodged in the cunt.
"Bitch, if you sleep with my man again, i will cunt punt you so hard they will have to dislodge my toenails from the roof of your mouth!"
by e-mo November 04, 2005
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Kicking a female directly in the crotch with intention to cause considerable pain without visual evidence of an altercation having occurred.
If I ever meet Paris Hilton I will cuntpunt her so hard that she won't sit down for the rest of her life.
by Walrus23 July 15, 2009
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To strike a woman in the cunt so as to sufficiently bruise her babymaker. This may result in a toe fuck.
Yo, next time I see that slut i'm goin to cunt punt the shit out of her.
by BHyde2 May 21, 2006
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A swift kick to the female genital region launching the recipient into midair.
That girl was such a bitch I cunt punted her like no other!
by Sara Jane 22 November 06, 2008
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To kick a woman in the crotch from behind.

Either due to anger or for laughs when she least expects it.
My friend hit my in the nuts earlier so Ima get her back when she least expects it. I saw her standing away from me with her legs spread so I came up behind her and gave her a nice cunt punt. She dropped fast.
by Mikey Mazik October 02, 2014
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