A popular subculture now.

It's definition page has more pictures than the Cat's page.
Wow, scene has 332 pictures on urbandictionary, where Cat only has 100 something. Cats are the living soul of the internet. This world is ending.
by 2009ends July 16, 2009
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Boys and girls who call themselves gay or bi, have long hair and make it nappy as hell with their "hxc hurspray" and wear tacky ass clothes with their "H4RDC0R3" brass knuckle necklaces that match their shiny pierced up face, claiming to love some sort of cartoon character they don't even know of, and steal their little sisters clothing.

They still go on myspace using "Sally Suicide", "Jay Hollyw00d", or sometimes even "xRazorxxRachealx" or something else stupid as their names with pictures overcaked with photoshop and makeup at strangle angles. They also like to type like they're in 2nd grade or something because its just "HXC && $C3N3 && D1FF3RNT~~" but sometimes because they're cooler and more ~~$c3n3~~ then everyone else they use proper grammar and just say "fuck" a lot.

They claim to all be different when they're just all trying to fit in by dressing like a five yearold and blind person picking out clothes. They say it's not a phase but it is and they'll look back thinking "what the fuck? I typed and dressed like that? I THOUGHT I WAS SEXY, AND AWESOME AND COOL?! Why was I like this?! Why did my mom let me out of the house like that?! I WANT TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF." It's just a painful part of life.
Coriee: Like, Imma go smxke and drxnk with all mah frans 2nite at da BOTDF concert :DD TXT MEH BITCHEZ!!

Jesiee: Jiimy dumpped mehh <//3 ii thiink datt imma b alone 4ever cuz no1 luvs meh cuz i onlii luv Jiimy J0k3$ter.

Jakvo/Jessika: iim bii but i wood lyk neva hav s3x wit a gurl or lyk a b0y.
so scene

Jessikaah Jailbait: I'm so much more fucking HXC, Im not fucking stupid like those stupid ass scene kids.
by lulzucuntbe4real March 19, 2011
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Kids who dress "original", this is usually tight pants and shirts. They really just all look a like. not original at all.
'Hey that SCENE guy is hot"
by JazzyD-Fresh July 9, 2009
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What emo kids call themselves, because it is part of an emo kid's nature to continually deny that they are emo. So the emos of the world made up "Scene," which is the exact same thing, only with a possibly more emo word. Fuckin' emos.
SCENE = EMO. Don't let the emos fool you, it's exactly the same thing.
by Disasterpiece December 6, 2007
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Scene; stereotypically known to have a look as if the 80's shitted on their clothes, poofed up/dry hair, big rediculous useless bows in their hair, rediculous myspace poses such as the 'claw' (look below for reference) and the infamous myspace mirror pic, and basically a cross between "emo" and "prep".

A Scene is someone who's so into themselves that they're blind on how everyone around them hates them because they're unoriginal. Someone who's so self absorbed that they don't realize how rediculous their hair looks. Someone who worships something such as liquid eyeliner and dinosaurs. And someone who needs to grow the fuck up.

Girls look like dykes and guys look like girls.
Scene Dumbass #1:


Scene Dumbass #2:


And of course, the male-ish thing with twiggish legs:


'Nuff said.
by Anne hates scene cunts August 13, 2008
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If you REALLY want to know what scene is, go to myspace.com/(anything that has x's, the words gun, bang, bleeding, heart, dying, broken, or rawr) You are guaranteed to end up in a scenester's myspace. Now just look at the picts of them. Don't worry, you will have PLENTY of pictures to look at. (by plenty I mean at least 30.....thousand) Notice how the pictures are all at a freakishly odd angle and they are never looking at the camera, but up in a weird unnatural direction. The more your face is showing, the less scene you are. The more random spots of color you have in your unnaturally black hair, the more scene you are. Girls, ALWAYS wear little girl bows in your hair. Guys, ALWAYS have long hair covering most of your face. (a bandana is a plus)

Now to top it off just say "I am so individual!" and "This is who I am. I like to be unique" and "I make my own style" (now of course you know what you are saying is all lies but you gotta say it otherwise you will become even more depressed and cut even more).

Emo/Scene people sicken me. LONG LIVE THE PUNX! (real punk....not this "blink 182" and "Taking back sunday" crap)

"I take a billion pictures of my ugly ass self all day and put them on myspace cause I have no life! I think I am artistic but I can't draw worth shit and can't write poetry if it saved my life and I can't play the acoustic guitar but if I could I would be the sexxxxx!123 hardxscenexcore!!!"
by XXXXooooiamsoooosceneXXXX July 22, 2006
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Scene is another excuse for being emo.

****Scene guys will not talk to anyone thats 'un-scene'. If a unscene girl leaves him a comment on myspace, he WONT comment back or talk to her at all. He will go to local shows and probably is WITH one of the bands that play or there to dance (mosh, two step, throwdown, etc.) like a crazy motherfucker. He's straight edge but smokes ciggarettes because "ciggarettes doesnt count", & he drinks on the downlow. He drives an ugly car and has a job that doesnt pay much. He has a sidekick I,II, or III just so he can be like all the other scene guys and check his myspace and AIM whenever he can. He has 561,844 friends on myspace but only knows about 300 of them.

Scene guys:
-usually very skinny
-tight straight leg jeans
-or tight girl jeans
-choppy hair, lots of hairspray, side bangs
-usually 2 or more colors in their hair
-vans slip on shoes, big nikes, or pumas
-tight, small band shirts with bands you've never heard of before
-small hoodies that are small on them and zipped up all the way
-always wear some kind of wrist band that they got from going to a show or venue
-gauges in their ears
-dance obnoxiously no matter what kind of music it is
-says "nigga" instead of "dude"
-kisses other dudes but claims hes straight
-or claims hes bisexual but wont do more than kiss another guy
-drinks energy drinks alot (usually MONSTER, or REDBULL)
-claims he is vegan/vegetarian/straight edge

****Scene girls are the mean, stuck up, obnoxious ones who will not make any contact with you if you are not scene. They hate little girls who attend shows or concerts, and will pick on them. They too are straigt edge but smoke ciggarettes & drink on the downlow; they call themselves straight edge because basically, being straight edge is 10 scene points right there! They hate when a person that isnt scene likes the same band as her. She only likes bands that arent that famous and goes to every show they play in her state. She also has a million friends on myspace but only knows a little amount of them. she also has a sidekick I,II, or III just so she can be like all the other scene girls and check her myspace and AIM whenever she can. She's a bitch who will act tough but can't fight for her life.

Scene girls:
-choppy, mullet looking hair with side bangs
-usually with 2 or more colors randomly dyed all over the place
-lots of colorful or black eyeliner
-usually colorful eyeshadow (green, purple, blue, yellow)
-lots of coverup to hide her acne that most scene kids have
-Straight legged tight jeans
-HUGE ASS purses/bags
-short skirts with bright colored leggings
-ballet flats/slip on shoes
-tight colorful shirts
-small band shirts with bands we've never heard of
-big necklaces
-huge ass sunglasses or black rimmed glasses
-gauged ears or earrings you have never seen before
-plastic bead neclaces or pearls
-small hoodies
-lots of layers in clothing
-bow ties, clips, or barrets in their hair that you would find a 4 yr old wearing
-Usually shop at thrift stores to look vintage
-claims she is vegan or vegetarian

****They both LOVE:
-t-mobile sidekick I, II, III
-crappy screamo music
-hardcore dancing
-concerts/local shows
-being bitches
-talking shit about everyone thats not scene
-being vegan/vegetarian/straight edge

If you consider yourself scene, you're just another one of those fags who know that you're emo & dont want to admit it because being emo is a bad thing. Being scene is just as stupid. Boys, stop wearing your sisters clothes and squeezing your dick near your zipper. Girls, stop wearing your little brothers/sisters clothes & fix your fucking hair. My little brother can cut hair better than your mullet looking bird nest. Being vegan is like killing all the trees. So...you're not typically saving the animals/world. Being straightedge is a very personal thing and you can't just change your opinion on it. PS, most scene kids are sluts, and being straight edge means you dont have sex or show nudity...so, therefore, you are not straight edge.
zomgz iim s00 scene wiith mi hair iin my fac3 & my tiiGhT JeaNsz, my DiiCK iis lik3 cruSh3d buT iiTsz Ok cAus3 I L00k hawt!!!!!1
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