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A command uttered usually after one has said something infuriating or offensive to you.
Some people ask me why I curse so much. I respond to these people by asking them to go fuck themselves.

"Why don't you watch your mouth?"

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"
by Disasterpiece January 23, 2008

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How to be emo:

Wear only skinny jeans or old, crappy, tight, cut-up jeans. Wear tight shirts that you can barely get over your head. If after getting dressed you can't breathe and look like a hobo, you've done it right. No shoes but low-top Converse or slip-on Vans are acceptable. Anything out of Hot Topic will do.

Dye your hair with the cheapest, least-convincing black dye you can find. Nothing over 99 cents. Fix it so that you look like you just rolled out of bed then walked through a hurricane and lost a fight with a lawn mower.

Peirce everything you can reach, and put in the largest, ugliest rings you can find.

Dark, thick makeup is key in the emo world. Never leave the house without putting on globs and globs of badly-put-on black eyeliner. Extreme amounts of bright pink eyeshadow is optional.

Now that we've covered the emo look, it's time to teach you to act the part of an emo, so the others won't think of you as a poser.

Flip your hair vigorously every ten seconds. If your neck is broken at the end of the day, good job.

Whine about your pathetic life every chance you get, (twice as much if your parents are divorced) but never reveal that you live in saburbia. If asked where you reside, say something emo like, "The depths of living hell", "The home of sorrow", or some other pussy shit like that.

Always have your MySpace mood set to "apathetic," and make sure to have about 986730865734567349576 pictures of yourself with extremely emo captions that have plenty of X's. It is necessary to be a MySpace whore, and to beg for picture comments in a bulletin every ten minutes.

Only listen to emo bands such as Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, ect. If there is an extremely popular emo band at your school, say that you like them even if you don't.

Make it widely known that you cut yourself every night with a razorblade while listening to emo music. If ever asked why, say something stupid like, "I cut myself to stay ALIVE! You would NEVER understand!" Then run away crying, even if you are not upset.

Finally, always deny that you are emo. Claim to be scene, goth, or a "non-conformist." But always keep in mind that you are, and always will be, a pussy little emo fag.
Emo kid: My life is a big black whole of sorrow and nothingness. My razorblade is the only thing that lets me know I am still alive.

Normal kid: Fuck you, emo.

Emo kid: Oh em gee! I'm not emo! I'm SCENE!

Normal kid: What's the difference?

Emo kid: You don't UNDERSTAND! Why does nobody get me!?!?! *Runs away crying and cutting himself, preparing to post this event on his blog.*
by Disasterpiece January 02, 2008

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Vocalist for both Slipknot and Stone Sour. Truely amazing in both bands. I see a lot of other people with definitions for Corey are making fun of poser-maggots who have only ever heard the song "Vermilion." But, I have noticed, even the so-called, "true maggots" here all spelled Vermilion wrong. Haha. Anyway, Corey's one of the best singers I've ever heard and deserves some respect.
Corey Taylor is fucking amazing, especially in songs like (sic), Spit it Out, and Disasterpiece.

Maggots, please spell check before you submit a definiton. Thank you, and stay (sic). :D
by Disasterpiece January 03, 2008

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The wrong way to spell Slipknot.
Slipnot is not a word, go back to the third grade and realize that there is a silent K in knot, you stupid fucking waste-of-sperm dumbass cunt.

Thank you. =]
by Disasterpiece February 16, 2008

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The act of getting "jiggy with it."
Getting down: To dance.
by Disasterpiece November 23, 2007

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Simply the most delicious, addictive, and energizing substance on Earth. It's pretty much liquified crack in a can.
I haven't had a Rockstar in three days and I need a fix real bad.
by Disasterpiece March 01, 2008

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An insanley devoted follower of Nu Metal band Slipknot, and damn proud of it. Not to be confuzed with a fan of Slipknot.
Slipknot Fan A: Dude, I just bought the new Slipknot CD last night!
Slipknot Fan B: Nice!

Maggot A: Dude, I just bought a pair of Corey Taylor's (lead singer) old underwear on eBay last night!
Maggot B: (sic)! Too bad that fucker sold out.
Maggot A: Yes, very sad indeed.
by Disasterpiece December 17, 2007

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