BOTDF is an abbreviation of the popular American Electronica group called Blood On The Dance Floor. Unfortunatly, their popularity is usually justified by illiterate fanboys/girls who listen to them with an almost religious regularity; and the group are despised by those who don't like their unique appearence and image.
Sterotypical fanboy/girl: OMFG BOTDF are da bst <3
by Dr J Christ December 15, 2012
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Blood On The Dance Floor is a Crunkcore monstrosity where they talk about parting, raping, killing, accusing while spraying their hair in different colours to look like they are superheroes. The members of the band are Dahvie Vanity (Jesus Torres) who is actually a pedophile and a manipulator who takes criticism too fucking seriously and Jayy Von Monroe, who is protecting Dahvie from being labeled as a pedophile. Their lyrics are extremely traumatic that their CDs need to be pulled off the fucking shelf of the store and get burned to bits.
#1: DAHVIE IZZ N00T A PEDOO!! LEAF H1M AL000N3!!!1 :3 :3
#2: But, it's true, BOTDF sucks and Dahvie raped the girl. Get over it.
by Emile1995 January 6, 2013
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The musical equivilant of ripping ass.
BOTDF sucks, molests fans, steals lyrics, and stole their band name.
by SecretGolfish January 29, 2012
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Blood On The Dance Floor.

A Band with THE hottest lead singer in the world!!

Bitches Get Stitches
Blood on the Dance Floor
I can't get enough
I Heart Hello Kitty
Ima Monster
It's So Hard to Be a Diamon in a Rhinestone World
Miss Bipolar
Money and Hoes
S my D
Save the Rave
Sig the Q
You're a Dancer You're Not a Lover

Most of the songs are based on Sex!
Lyrics from Ima Monster

Chop, chop, chop you up.
Ima monster (hah hah hah)
Eat you like a cannibal,
Spit you out like an animal. (x2)

Slice, slice, slice you up.
Ima monster (hah hah hah)
Cut you up, I'll slice and dice
Serve you up as cold as ice. (x2

Example 2:

Girl1: Have you heard of BOTDF?
Girl2: HELL YES!! I love them!
by SisterNightroad March 29, 2009
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Botdf is michael Jacksons blood on the dance floor era were he looks hot as hell also this is when mikezilla gets bigger and makes a bigger mikegasem
Wow michael is so hot in the botdf era
by Mikegasem March 26, 2019
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