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bangs that consist of the front part of the hair being radically parted, and then cut on the side while the hair is side parted. bangs are not worn in front of the eyes. common in the "scene".
dude, me and my scene friends all have side bangs
by sydney suicide x August 26, 2006
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Moving one's head back and forth to one side: A variant of headbanging
In an act of utter randomness, Joe decided to sidebang to the KISS video rather than boring ol' headbanging.
by Kharivas December 08, 2004
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1. An affair.
2. The individual you are involved in an affair with.

Term endorsed by Jewel Staite on her twitter account @JewelStaite on Jun 24 2011.
You should have seen this chick, she was the best side-bang I have ever had. I hope my wife doesn't find out.
by carpeamentum June 25, 2011
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Side Bang, a term reffering to a affair of a party both male or female, with their partner finding out.
Did you hear Steve is having a side bang with that girl from New York.
by sunstorm99 June 24, 2011
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An affair.
John was out for his Sunday side bang when his wife, who had been tailing him, caught him, then threw the ring at him and said "We're done!"
by TsukiakariUsagi June 24, 2011
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