A social classification that has been bastardized by scenesters, rich preps, and wannabe goths united. A true emo kid does not label him/herself as being "emo"...often this label is foisted on him or her against the alleged emo kid's will. True emo kids listen to whatever the hell music they feel like, and it is often poetic or expressive. Emo is not a clothing style, cutting your wrists, or being a frequent buyer at Hot Topic. Those who call themselves "emo" are most likely just trying to be "scene" and have really screwed up the genre through wearing generic, borderline gothic clothing that all their sad little friends wear.
FAKE EMO KID tries to be emo because it is "scene" at the moment. Is often rich and frequents expensive stores like Hot Topic to cultivate a flawless emo image. May go so far as to draw fake scars in strategic locations so as to look depressed and suicidal. Claims to listen to indie bands that no one else has heard...and neither has the fake emo kid.

TRUE EMO KID was most likely emo before this was a stupid fad. May shop at hot topic, but only if they actually like the clothing, not because they think it will make them look cool. Probably classified by friends and others as "emo"...the label is often not self-professed in the case of the true emo kid. Doesn't give a shit whether music is mainstream or not...it just has to be artistic.
by An Unnoticed Musician July 26, 2005
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The stereotype for a kid(13-19) who has a lower tolerance for sad emotions, and feels inadiquet of their own personal worth(feels like they arent good enough). Many emos feel so depressed that they resort to cutting to themselves. Emo boys often weird girls pants and dye their hair black, with a pyrimid spiked belt, and tight tee shirts(usualy black). It is known that emos have a kind of rule that 2/5 of their face must be covered by hair, although it is actualy a subconscious feeling of wanting to cover up their sadness(eyes).
She's too good for me.

What is the point of my life?

I hate everything.
by sushiman09 August 30, 2005
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Emo kids.

There are many kinds of emo kids. there are Emo Kids who recognize themselves as emo kids. Although some are posers, some aren't. They just happen to realize that it would be easier for the other kids to label them like that. They feel for other people. They don't have to cut or do something totally rebellious to be an emo kid. They don't have to wear black or shop at hot topic.

All they have to do is be true to themselves. If the emo kid likes playing American Football, that doesn't mean he's a jock posing as an emo kid or the other way around.

Emo kids are people who are true to themselves. They call themselves what they want. They do what they want. They are polite, but honest. They are only very rude when the person they are talking to doesn't deserve respect. Emo kids tend to show what they feel to other people, whether that is love, hate, depression or sadness. that's why they're called EMO-tive KIDS.

NOT all emo kids have slashes on their wrists. NOT all emo kids have an ex they cry about and write poems about. NOT all emo kids have an lj, where they post sad stuff about. NOT all emo kids shop in hot topic. NOT all emo kids are gay. NOT all emo kids have floppy hair styles. NOT all emo kids are over dramatic about the smallest things in life. NOT all emo kids listen to just 'emo bands' or songs with meanings, although most love to.

What I'm trying to say is.. That an emo kid, is someone who is 'EMO' because that's who he is. Not because it is 'scene' or the hottest trend now. It is simply because that's who he is
Kid1: Hi. tell me about yourself
Emo kid: I'm an emo kid.
Kid2: yeah. he cuts his wrists and sings to dashboard confessional. He's gay too.
Emo Kid: I don't. I'm just in touch with my inner feelings...
Kid2: see. he is gay. I mean what kind of a guy is 'in touch with his inner feelings'???
Kid1: ...
Emo Kid: -__-'
by Jake Sinclair September 5, 2006
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A kid who is usually emotional. They don't want to make their feelings public and end up expressing it mainly through poetry or songs. They listen to what they want to a don't care what others say about their tastes or likes. They are true to themselves and don't change like most scene kids. They don't shop at hot topic 24/7 and usually buy clothes that are more so comfortable than stylish. Dark colors are popular but it's not always black. They do not catagorize themselves as emo, others around them do this. When they cut, they usually intend on finishing it off or making it nice and deep. Scene kids usually scratch or draw fakes scars on themselves. Emo kids are not concearned with the likes or dislikes of others that are minescule to them. Emo kids also tend to stick with others that understand them better such as other emos and they care for their pack. Emos may seem like rebels or punks, but they rebel only if they believe in something. You will see them laughing and enjoying themselves because all people do. They think many things are very beautiful and they are saddened by the fact that so many people fail to see this and destroy it, what ever it may be. They don't look for acceptance, they except themselves.
Scene kids show off "cuts" on wrists or arms, ect. They want everyone to know about problems. They wear the newest clotes that they can find at to topic and wear it to look cool. They rebel against anything because they think its cool. They want to fit in with anything and they hate everything in life because they are little faggs that can't appreciate any beauty what so ever. They change to fit most peoples approval and are just fake and shady in general.
by HeroMustDrown March 27, 2011
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COOL EMO KID: doesnt care what ppl think, likes a good band whether they are on mtv or not, and won't stop listening to some band just cuz everyone suddenly 'discovered' them. they do nothing to make ppl feel bad for them, and want no ones sympathy. they give everything a chance before deeming it cool or uncool. and if they want to kill themselves, they do it. they dont shop regularly at hot topic, but dont' completely disregard it. if there's something they want to buy, they go for it, and dont deny they bought it there. most of what they wear is from hand me downs, a garbage, a thrift shop, or was found. they dress how they want, and never deliberately try to piss ppl off or 'rebel'. if they do something rebellious, it is not just to be rebellious, it is because they want to/believe in doing it. they respect people who dont want to put drugs in their body, but some COOL EMO KIDS do drugs because they feel like it

ANNOYING EMO KID: those kids who regularly max out daddy's credit card at hot topic and tell everyone how depressed they are and that they cut their arms up every night wanting to die (ok...where are the scars?). they only listen to 'underground' bands adn immediately stop when someone they think is popular or preppy starts to listen to them, or they see them on mtv (which they claim never to watch, but they still do). they intentionally do stupid and rebellious things trying to make authority figures mad, thinking it's cool. these people are attention-craving, tasteless, abnoxious emo kids. anything popular is completely disregarded to them. they also tell ppl that they think drugs are sooooooooooo cool, but are scared to do them, but do them anyway because they think it'll make them cool
COOL EMO KID: that guy wearing some vintage tight tee and dirtied up black chuck taylors who is genuinely sincere and tells everyone what he thinks (tho never rudely unless he is already pissed at them)

ANNOYING EMO KID: the guy who draws on a bruise to make ppl think his dad hits him and who only talks to other ANNOYING EMO KIDS
by rose m. January 23, 2005
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According to basically everyone, I am an emo kid, so I guess you could say I have "insight".

Not all emo kids hurt themselves. The ones that do sure as hell don't parade around showing the scars off.

Another thing about cutting: It's addicting, and it's hard to get over, so i would advise you all not to do it. Depression and suicide are serious problems, and the whole emo craze has made them a joke.

When did the whole "sweaters and too-small clothes" become emo? it makes no sense. Most of the emo kids are essentially hiding behind the black and strange clothing. We wear what we want. A lot of us are already outcasted, so why not wear whatever?

For most the emo kids i know, music is their life. It's mine,too. Non-poseurs don't listen to certain things just to be considered "emo". Emo is overrated and misunderstood, to be completely honest.

And My Chemical Romance is not emo. I'm sorry to all you haters out there, but they're not.
You're not emo kids just because you wear black.
You don't wear black just becuse you're depressed.

Wear what you want. Who cares?

"You should never feel the fucking need to hurt yourself, because this world is gonna hurt you fucking worse than you could hurt yourself." Gerard Way
by x.erica April 2, 2007
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Emo kids are just lost in music. They spend A lot of their time listening to different bands...anyway "emo kid" is just ANOTHER stero typ,e everyone is different..why label??
There is no way I can desribe "emo kid"...they dress how they wanna!
by Ashilee December 11, 2005
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