A very embarrassing and humiliating situation that reflects you or something in a dirty disgusting way. It can also refer to when you are so down bad that you will do anything to get what you want. Also similar to ratchet.
I just saw a rat pick up a pizza from the garbage, that is so fucking scavenge.

It's so scavenge that Rachel wore the same shirt 3 days in a row.

Nicole just ate four day old pizza, that is so scavenge.

Reema's scavenge ass ate pussy for free weed.
by localpotato June 12, 2021
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1. The act of having large amounts of sex in a short time.
2. The act of prowling for someone for the purpose of sex.
3. To go out and have a wild time; to party hard.
"Did you hear about Sean's night ? He really scavenged it up with that girl up last night."

Derek: "Hey, what did you do this weekend?"
John: "I scavenged the bar looking for a good time."

Andrew: "What's your plans for tonight"?
Collin: "Let's go scavenge it up"!
by cwb4me09 October 9, 2009
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"The Scavenger" is a term which refers to someone hailing from Southwestern NY State who "preys" on females whom just got out of a serious relationship with The Scavenger's close and best friends. The Scavenger has issues with getting women, so scraping up his friends "messes" is all The Scavenger can do with absolutely no guilt, shame, morals or heart. "Bro-Code" is NOT something that is in the mind of this person and is commonly and consistently "placing the pussy on the pedestal." The Scavenger's favorite song is "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" by The Cars.

The Scavenger can usually be found at the following functions/places: "Family vacations, weddings, local bars, Bemus Point, The Second Street Crawl and any function in which these females are privy to.

The Scavenger also uses social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to obsess, stalk and gain personal access to the female's personal life. Another common point of The Scavenger is to lay the groundwork on the female months and even years in advance while that female is currently in a relationship with the close, or even best friend.

The Scavenger habitually "line-steps" by degrading, belittling, trash-talking and bashing the close friend whom he has moved in on. This happens on the above mentioned social networking sites, behind the friend's back to mutual friends and definitely to the female who is being targeted by The Scavenger. The Scavenger will blast the friends to the female to boost her self confidence and move in for sexual gain. A comparable situation can be that of a Lion targeting a wounded Antelope on the Serengeti.

The friend or friends in question sometimes find out about these situations months and years after they actually happen. This also places the mutual friends in uncomfortable situations and secrecy because of the immoral and WRONG acts that are being displayed by The Scavenger.

The Scavenger is know in different locales under the following aliases: The Jamestown Jackel, Buffalo Bandit, Boston Backstabber, Chicago Con-Artist and Vegas Vulture. The Scavenger will stop at no end to gain access to his target. A common saying when rarely confronted on the situation by The Scavenger is "It Is What It Is!"

Specific situations in which The Scavenger has struck have been given specific names.....similar to names given to battles in a war: These include, but are not limited to: "Hijak on The Hill", "Miley's Mull-Over", "The Cherry Lounge Cock-Block", "Shawbucks Slide-In", and the "Carnival Court Crawl-In."

No person is safe around the The Scavenger and should be very cautious when introducing a significant other into a social circle in which The Scavenger belongs!
Man.....I'm a mess......my woman just broke up with me and at the worst possible time--The Scavenger is in town for a visit next week and we know he will be on the prowl.
by TMarra6 August 14, 2009
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Someone who takes someone's belongings (esp food items) from them while they are gone or in another room; the act of taking things/food items, esp multiples, that someone or a group of people has left.
In order to get some of the dudes french fries, the scavenger waited for him to leave, and took them while he was gone.
by MissionAgape November 11, 2014
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Anything and I mean Anything classified as a Scavenger will get a bad reputation in one form or another. The rules don't care if its a Human or an Animal.
Azi: What's a Scavenger?
Kali: Lazy stupid thieves that steal shit off the ground that doesn't belong to them.
by Worse than JJ May 9, 2020
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A freeloading person, one who takes without giving back.
John has scavengitis. He fucking ate all my chips!
by Nick Afadafa November 7, 2006
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A person whose vocabulary and demands mostly consist of " Ey let me get half of that" or simply "let me get half" for short.
Most are usually just too lazy to get the stuff themselves so they resort to their scavenger ways. Others are just broke ass motherfuckers.

They're number two from the bottom of the pyramid of society, 'bums' being first. There are usually 1 or 2 in every social group .
Person: "Hey, check out my fresh slice of pizza!"

Scavenger 1: "Hey let me get half of that pizza."

Scavebegr 2: "Let me get half of that half."
by Easter E February 12, 2009
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