Someone who takes someone's belongings (esp food items) from them while they are gone or in another room; the act of taking things/food items, esp multiples, that someone or a group of people has left.
In order to get some of the dudes french fries, the scavenger waited for him to leave, and took them while he was gone.
by MissionAgape November 10, 2014
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Anything and I mean Anything classified as a Scavenger will get a bad reputation in one form or another. The rules don't care if its a Human or an Animal.
Azi: What's a Scavenger?
Kali: Lazy stupid thieves that steal shit off the ground that doesn't belong to them.
by Worse than JJ May 08, 2020
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One who is only your friend when you have marijuana, or other drugs, and or alchahol.
You got a bag man? cool, im gonna chill with you today (tj)
by Lz June 05, 2003
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My friend Anthony is a scavenger. He's always taking shit without asking like its cool.
by Ghost with a gun in the trunk January 03, 2010
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A type of highschooler that travels from table to table asking for food and other munchies. They may also hide and wait for a group of lazy assholes to leave to they can have the leftover scraps. Or even sad attempt, downright raid tables to the point of trashing the place.

Primarily gathers near outlier tables, or is affiliated with Circle Table Kids

Scavengers are very persuasive and requires good willpower to repel their begging. Scavengers usually target people who bring lunch from home, as they have more valuable items than that of the school lunch. Scavengers usually tend to avoid popular/Thot tables

The will of a Scavenger depends on how hungry or ambitious he is. And may resort to primitive techniques such as Cologne Grenades or Paper Hornets
I had leftover Halloween candy and I brought it to school to trade with my buddies, but Scavengers got to my stash when I left to use the restroom, all that's left behind was the warheads.
by Spice Latte September 23, 2017
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A child who fucks women after they are recently broken up with, or older women who are too Ederle to resist.
Yo man, Tommy is a real scavenger.
by Chris Cuhts April 06, 2018
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Someone who goes after someone else's ex or someone who is going out with or likes their ex's best friend.
-Your such a scavenger!
-My Ex likes my best friend! He's such a scavenger
by RedFox214 December 04, 2016
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