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Sat∙sky /sæt-skee/ slang- 1) The unusually tight fit of a male outer garment for the lower part of the body typically, but not limited to “Blue Jeans” or Wranglers worn by a person who is, or is attempting to portray the appearance of the “American Cowboy”. 2) Fit of the “Blue Jeans” on a Red Neck so tight that they are drawn or stretched so as to be tense around the groin area to the point where the genitals are outlined and visible through the garment displaying the features of the testicles and penis to unfortunate onlookers. 3) Male tight fitting restrictive garment constructed of heavy denim designed for manual work or casual wear presenting an appearance equivalent to the female Camel Toe. 4) The visual effect created when a man's trousers or shorts cling too tightly to the crotch, emphasizing the shape of the genitalia
Ask that Red Neck sitting over there to close his legs, you can see his Satsky!
by Joyster September 21, 2010
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