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A Transendental Bliss caused from meditation, lucid dreaming, entheogen expirimentation or alternative visual stimulation

38% Tibet 42% Pyschoactives 20% Dante
I had the overwhelming sensation of achieving Satori throughout my trip last night.

It might take you awhile to achieve full Satori, in your everyday life.
by FungusUpon A Time... December 17, 2004
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The Japanese word for enlightenment.

And for you kids that don’t understand basic English.

Satori is the word enlightenment in Japanese.

Obviously that’s not how you spell it but that’s how you pronounce it.
Random 1: who’s that girl over there?
Random 2: oh, that’s satori.
Random 1: don’t that mean enlightenment in Japanese?
Random 2: yeah, it do.
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by MochaOtaku November 11, 2018
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