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A Transendental Bliss caused from meditation, lucid dreaming, entheogen expirimentation or alternative visual stimulation

38% Tibet 42% Pyschoactives 20% Dante
I had the overwhelming sensation of achieving Satori throughout my trip last night.

It might take you awhile to achieve full Satori, in your everyday life.
by FungusUpon A Time... December 17, 2004
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Lying flat refers to a defeatist lifestyle in Chin, where people stop working, desiring material acquisition, and tap out of any social life – sometimes for good. By lying flat, young people are participating in a kind of non-cooperation movement, rather than surrendering themselves to China's oppressive work culture where they see little hope of social mobility.
I’m not going to try to get a better job so I can afford to start a family, I’m just lying flat.
by Freeo11 June 04, 2021
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The Japanese word for enlightenment.

And for you kids that don’t understand basic English.

Satori is the word enlightenment in Japanese.

Obviously that’s not how you spell it but that’s how you pronounce it.
Random 1: who’s that girl over there?
Random 2: oh, that’s satori.
Random 1: don’t that mean enlightenment in Japanese?
Random 2: yeah, it do.
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by DON’TEVENTRYITBOI November 11, 2018
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A perfect girl who is always happy when she is around her friends. She is very spiritually awake and has insightful dreams often, she is also beautiful, sexy, sweet, kind, supportive, loving, caring and joyful towards everyone she meets. Satori is the kind of girl that you never think you will have a chance with but if you get one, ride it out as long as possible because nobody is more deserving of love than satori. She is almost always a small girl, but her booty is perfectly shaped and although she has small tits, her nipples are perfect in every way. If you ever meet a satori, the only logical thing to do is drop everything to try and make her yours.
Guy 1: Dude are you dating Satori?
Guy 2: Yeah, its been less than a month but i'm in love.
Guy 1: Thats fucking burnt.

Satori makes me feel so good when im with her, even without the sex
by Kid kuddie February 11, 2019
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