When you're tits are so small it manages to ruin everything about your life. Everyone points it out, really manages to fuck with your head.
Guy 1: That Holly girl is pretty crazy you know? Pathological liar and that.
Guy 2: Nah g you can't be saying that. She has Small Tits Syndrome dude.

Guy 1: Screw that just cause her tits are small doesn't mean she can act like that Nathan kid
by Vlad's Mum Is Badderz May 25, 2019
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Female equivalent of “Small Dick Energy”, Small Tit Energy is a phrase used to describe females with a sense of entitlement and extreme cockiness, who overcompensate their lack of successes with tendencies of egomania, selfishness, arrogance, and disrespect- with their behaviours typically supported by traits of toxic femininity and Incel-like behaviour.

Opposite to “Big Tit Energy”, a female with Small Tit Energy can simply be described as unbearable, bigoted, dishonest, hypocritical, obnoxious, and displeasing.

Females who have Small Tit Energy are usually “Pick Me’s”, “Incels/Femcels”, sexist feminists (Feminazi’s/misandrists), radical liberals/right-wingers, or simply put: selfish, spoiled brats and bullies.
Person #1: I’m not like most girls; I’m a true, modest and feminine figure. I actually have respect for myself and don’t prance around in a bra like a slut because I actually know my worth!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: If I want sex, then I should get it! My wants over your comfort! Men need to give me what I want! If he can’t please me, he ain’t shit!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: I’m a feminist that believes men shouldn’t be given equal rights! I have a vagina, and if you have no uterus, then you have no opinion!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: It doesn’t matter if I struck first, boys shouldn’t hit girls! He deserved it for not buying exactly what I wanted!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: I’m opposed to harassment, but if you do something I don’t like, whether it be something you said, did, or even something you wear, then I have the right to harass you! Know your place!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.
by Myusernameisyourusername April 28, 2021
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Better known as a STD. This is a very real disorder affecting some people in their daily lives. Makes some women’s tits almost non existent besides the nipple.
Olivia: Omg! I figured out that I have a STD!!
Annalise: No way! I’m suffering from a small tit disorder too! Twinsies!
by coolkiddo August 6, 2019
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the female worker next to you. most likely a karen relative or just karen.
(guy) Hey Small tit lady
(lady) the fuck
by im black as hell October 6, 2019
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Myra named girls have Smallest tits ever Seen on this Planet
Myra's Tits are even Smaller than her Patience level

Myra Owns Small Tits

Myra has Flat Chest!!WTF Bruhhh
by Irondildo October 28, 2021
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