A beautiful, gorgeous, loving, smart, perfect person who I don't deserve to hang with because she's so pretty and smart and amazing and everything I'm not.
Sara is a goddess in every way.
by Riverleader May 26, 2013
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Sara is very attractive person. She is hot, sexy, has a perfect body even when she eats a ton. She is a person who has had many boyfriends but only really liked a few of them. She has a mean attitude and can keep a grudge for a life time. Getting her mad would be a mistake....for you. She will destroy you before you could even blink. A Sara usually likes a guy who is tall, attractive, funny, has dark hair and a nice body. She prefers a guy who is not to sweet but not a total jerk....When she drates she is shy at first but don't let her go because you haven't seen nothing yet. If you have than you just made the biggest mistake. A Sara is an amazing kissers and likes when guys hold her hands. Saras like chewing gum and are bad at science. Sara means princess in Hebrew so treat her like a princess.
"Hey i met a hit and funny girl"

"Her name is Sara isn't it?"
by bubble000 May 18, 2013
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the most freaking beautiful girl you'll ever see. She alwways multiple guys after her. She's kind, sweet, hot, easy-going, and amazing. She's a princess, which is funny because Sara means princess in Hebrew.

Most "Sara's" are better than "Sarah's". They're more unique, less stuck up, and just the best in general.

When Sara likes a guy, it's not because of their sexual appeal. Its the same with a guy liking sara.
Dude, you don't even understand the incredible magnitude of how amazing sara is!

I love Sara.

That girls so freaking beautiful, she must be a Sara!
by RyanP.C.GBHS June 20, 2011
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A person who is very hot and has the greatest personality ever! In hebrew Sara means princess. There for you should treat her as if she was one! Sara is also a very irresistable person.
Damn! That Sara chick is so fine!
I wish that Sara chick was single cause then she would be mine!
by Michelia March 29, 2008
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The best person ever. She is one of a kind. Someone who loves and cares for everyone. Out of anyone any guy would be lucky to be with her or even have her as a friend. She's smart beuatiful kind and caring. She always worrys about others with all her heart and works very hard. The most beautiful eyes in the whole wide world. They look like stars and if you look to deep you'll get lost in them. If you know her you wouldn't want to lose her in your life. The queen of real goon nation and one of a kind. Never less than awesome
Sara is awesome in everyway. With her hair and eyes to her smart little jokes. Most of all with her kind heart
by Mohammad manzoor November 18, 2014
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The prettiest and most talented girl. She will have beautiful hair, a hot body and a nice ass.
Oh dayum, Sara is so fine!
by loveable<3 October 10, 2010
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