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Noun: - Anything or anyone who resembles the human form

or lifestyle and obtains knowledge from the ability to learn and from experience.

Derived from: - the word homo sapien (latin 'Wise Man').

Plural - sapians

Pronounced - say (SAY-PEE-IN)
We are all sapians who strive for knowledge of any sort. We got to sapien-school to obtain this knowledge and hence becoming a 'wise man' (homo sapien) eventually.
by Atomikbom September 20, 2010

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noun. -
A scholar or person attending a sapien-school (sapischool).

noun. -
Someone or something that has the ability to be educated by a sapien-teacher (sapienducere).

Therefore it can also be used when one is learning without having to attend a sapien-school. He/she is too a called a sapienoid.
The sapienoid has been well educated by his intelligent sapienducere.
by Atomikbom September 20, 2010

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- used to congratulate someone on an astonishing achievement and show

- good shot, well done,
Son: Dad, I recieved an A+ for physics.

Dad: Mooiskiet! you do me proud son.

- Mooiskiet! you you completed the the task 120%
by Atomikbom August 23, 2010

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(adjective) - to be cute unintensionally

(noun) - someone or something extremely cute
- That puppy is so dommynose.

- Thats a dommynose right there!
by Atomikbom August 22, 2010

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- Used in place of a foul, obscene or cursing word.

- Used for describing ones state.
Oh my pah! What have you done?

Im in my pah!!!
by Atomikbom August 20, 2010

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noun -

A teacher,educator,tutor,lecturer,preacher etc.

Someone or something that teachers the sapienoids to unleash the knowledge within or conveys a message of any form of knowledge.
The sapienducere taught a sapischool of 200+ sapienoids how to breakdown words from its derivative so that it is much easier to understand than just reading it.
by Atomikbom September 20, 2010

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