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When someone is "trapped" in a chimney a la Santa Claus, with their lower half exposed, preferably dangling. A second person then performs sex acts on them.

This can be done with a real chimney or a fake, specially-made chimney fitted with handles and a harness for support. Holiday cosplay encouraged.
1. To get in the holiday spirit, my husband gets in the chimney and I "Santa Claus" him real good.
2. I used to be into BDSM, but now, I'm mostly into Santa Clausing.
by KrisKreezy November 22, 2016
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A term used to describe the depressed feeling after a serotonin drop following a Molly (MDMA) high.
Man, I’m Santa Clausing so hard after rolling last night.
by TheChris357 May 18, 2019
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Santa clausing is the task of running over to some far away and do something to them.
Yeah I went over there and santa Claus fucked her

That guy just came over here and santa clause punched me

Santa clausing is the best way to fuck
by Bigbmann12 July 22, 2018
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Cumming on someone’s face, in the shape of Santa Claus’s beard.
I went for a pearl necklace, but I ended up Santa Clausing that bitch, instead.
by MissIvyEllen September 22, 2019
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Terrible dancing in which the male places the female upon his lap while standing and attempts to move poorly to the beat of the song.
That guy was such a bad dancer; he was just Santa Clausing up on me. He was rubbing his leg all up in there.
by The SC Victim April 27, 2011
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Santa-Clausing is a joke that you do to other people's houses;
basically you climb on the other person's roof and start stomping on it.
Person 1: Ding dong ditching and forking is for pussies, we should Santa-Claus other peoples houses
Person 2: Hell yeah, I love santa-clausing people!
by john johnson 6667 January 22, 2016
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making someone's beliefs out as fiction
I can not stand the fact that every time I tell people about my beliefs in Christianity, people keep putting me down by santaclausing my beliefs!
by funny fellas January 09, 2014
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