a Sanky , is a group of very legit people originating from Constanta , Romania. They always doing legit stuff and they hate wannabes and they are making fun of them everytime , you can find them dressed very stylish , most of time having fun and partying also they are pretty hardcore.
guy 1: that group of people looks so legit and they are looking like having great fun
guy 2: ya ya , i'm sure they are that Sanky crew...
guy 3: so fucking rad.
by Blana13 December 24, 2013
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Used to describe something of a sexual manor in a poor light, mainly as gross but can have other meanings.
Yo her pussy looked sanky af!
by Gaty Mawneg June 18, 2021
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“Sanki” is a Romanian slang, used for referring to a person or an object, usually meaning cool . When Romanians from Constantza are having a dialogue, they tend to use it either ironically or serious way.
Sanki. Si ce vrei sa fac acu ma’?!
Ce sanki e tipa aia.
by loyl November 17, 2020
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A Male prostitute in the caribbean islands that will show you a good time on vacations if you pay for his drinks and spend money on him
The beach in the dominican Republic was loaded with annoying sankis
by Chuck October 25, 2003
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1) a person whose entire life revolves around anime, Dance Dance Revolution and/or any other Japanese culture icons
2) a complete loser who will never get laid

Latin, Sankis, from early Dynasty/#Uplink iSk.Sankis
Brian, stop being a Sankis.
Only Sankises like you watch Love Hina.
by Seifer March 6, 2003
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a short and friendly name for an south east asian Sankalpa meaning Determination.
A:Where is sanki?
B:sanki who?
A:Sankalpa. We call him "sanki" in short form
B:I will keep that in mind next time

by suncallpa May 11, 2008
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someone wiv a gianomous jaw
you lookin like a sanki
by smiffe April 1, 2004
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