A manga/show about a boy who inherits a girl's dormitory from his grandmother. From there on he goes on misadventures. It also mixes in some sexual content.
Naru:My boobs are getting bigger but there still not as big as your's. <thinks keitaro is some one else>
Let's give 'em a squeeze. Huh? What's this hard thing it's getting bigger and bigger..........
by ARIOCHE December 14, 2003
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a popular manga/anime that spans up to 14 books. and also made into an anime. made by the author who is ken akamatsu.

anime/manga about a boy who manages an all female inn and perverted acts start to take place
1.most everyone in my neiborhood have never heard of love hina

2.most all the people in my school dont know what love hina is, as they are all to busy lisening to rap and watching batman
by ed November 30, 2003
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A great Anime ita a mix between comdey & Romance
by doogie July 10, 2003
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Love Hina is a 14 Volume manga about a 20 year old ronin (test retaker) Keitaro. When he was a little kid, 14 years, he and an unknown girl promised to go to Tokyo University together. Motivated still by that promise, he tried to get into the school but failed twice already. He got kicked out of his home, and has no money left. He is also unattractive and never had any girlfriend in his life. A loser, really. But out of the blue, his elder tells him to be the manager at Hinata Inn, only when he goes there, it is an all-girl dormitory...while they're in the Hot Springs.

There's several girls living there, including the sly Mitsune, the kendo girl Motoko, and Naru. The main story focuses on Naru and Keitaru, and feelings that forms between them over time, and Keitaru wondering if Naru really is that girl from the past.

There's too much good to say about it, you need to read it. I highly reccommend it to anyone.

You better be sure your parents are not in the same room when you are reading this, it could get pretty...mature at times. It never goes too far, and it's always for humour, but just to be safe...
Don't bother watching the anime, it's a sub-par adaptation. It's good on it's own, I guess, but certainly not in correlation with the manga.

"Pervert!" - Naru
by wasp2020 December 23, 2004
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n. One of the best manga series ever. Written by Ken Akamatsu, also know for things such as A.I. Love You.

It consists of 14 volumes.
by Ziddy February 19, 2004
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One of the best damn animes ever made.
I wish I was Keitaro, having all those hot chicks around...
by george March 7, 2005
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A Japanese Anime that focuses on a rather cliche love triangle and is contains massive plotholes throughout.

Terrible, though highly entertaining comedy.

Men tend to be rather shy about admitting to liking it.
"Love Hina? I.... Er... I don't know what that is, sorry.
...Hey, look over there!!"

"I wish I worked in a girl's dormitory."
by Humphro April 4, 2005
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