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1) To become partially to fully naked for no reason whatsoever
2) To be inappropriate in a histerically appropriate way as to make it not only acceptable but encouraged
3) To drink as much as possible in as short amount of time as possible
4) To be unable to hit a softball to anywhere but the short-stop and beating it out
5) Able to pick up any chick(s) even if done so completely by accident
6) To be the iron chef of pounding vag in the kitchen
"Oh man! I got so sandersonsed last night. Ya all i remember is taking down a bottle of Whiskey, then muttering some incoherent words to a hot bartender who proceeded to give me her number, then i blatantly insulted her and she still wanted me, and finally i ended up in a later night game of softball and went 4-4 with 4 mediocre ground balls to the short stop. Yup, I would say I got so sandersoned i cant believe im still alive."
by Roger Dorn April 07, 2008
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