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Marivea is a damn sexy, sultry Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah. She's ulta powerful and can kick any ass necessary, but due to her overwhelming skills at serenity will likely just freeze you in place with a stare so icy that you'll turn into a block of ice for a hundred years for every wrongdoing.
She's currently the youngest Tar Valon 'witch' but she's so ambitious that her name is already used as a moniker for smart, quick new Novices!
Accepted #1: Who's that bright new Novice?
Accepted #2: Oh, you mean the new Marivea?
Accepted #1: She's a Marivea?! I wish I was one...
by diggorydiue November 20, 2011

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Brandon Sanderson is a fiction and fantasy author who became well known for finishing the Wheel of Time series after the author Robert Jordan's death in 2007.

He is, however, a more than competent writer in his own right, penning gripping stories with complex plots, world building, and fascinating magic systems.
"He's coming to Seattle for a book signing!!"
"Who is?"
"Brandon Sanderson, of course! Who else would I be this excited about?"
by diggorydiue November 24, 2013

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Pixie is a nickname given to short, athletic yet girly girls who have a penchant for working on trail crews. Its definition is so narrow, that to date, only one person is known to fully encompass all its subtleties.
Incident #1:
Pixie: "Poop on a popsicle stick!"
horrified person: "Christ, why would you say that?"
Marivea: "Because she's Pixie."

Incident #2:
Pixie: "My life is a cesspool."
Marivea: "It will be once I drop you in the septic tank."
by diggorydiue March 05, 2013

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How to tell chemists from non-chemists apart, Read aloud the following word:
Non chemists say: "Union-ized"
Chemists say: "Un-Ionized"
by diggorydiue May 31, 2012

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The technical term for a group of older women who prowl en masse looking for young men to coerce into sex. (IE: Cougars).
"Let's go into Pete's Bar!"
"Not tonight: I saw a Darlene of cougars heading that way."
by diggorydiue November 24, 2013

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