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probably the worst school in the district, has nothing compared to the amazing school of Monte vista. has all ugly has girls who eat way too much dress horribly and wear so much makeup that they look like cross dresses. the guys are any better, they are either ghetto and think they are hardcore so they beat their girlfriends, or they are on football and take way to make steriods to try and beat monte vista, but wait they still dont. and the only reason why people transfer to sr from mv is because they are fat pussys and couldnt hack it at mv. or because they were so ugly they went to sr to make themselves feel pretty. sorry but u will always be fat and ugly
sr girl: i cry everynight cause im so fat and ugly and i join the cheer squad to make me feel cuter, but im still FAT!
sr boy: awww g im so ganstga im a gonna sock my bicth in the face while wearing my siickkk raiders jersey.
by momma February 28, 2005
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