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good school. some really smart kids and some total morons. seriously, exceptional geniuses in one class, complete boneheads in another. everything to the extreme. pretty much your stereotypical high school, if it had palm trees it would look like a movie set. decent teachers, good football, looks like it has about 1/10 of the money attending that it really does, but no worries. it's better in retrospect than when dealing with it for those four years. red and black are respectable colors, mustangs are a pretty good mascot, better than some stupid college ones like banana slugs, rainbows, or farmers. nice location, but not enough parking for the spoiled shits who get brand new cars from mommy and daddy. the parking lot is treacherous, the sign-out and leaving policy sucks, and the principal looks like a transexual with a bad haircut. all in all, monte vista high school isn't the worst, we complain too much because we're mostly all spoiled suburban brats, but at least it isn't san ramon valley high...
Monte Vista is on Stone Valley Road, which has the stupidest speed limit ever and if you don't go at least 45 on it, you will get shot at by the Blackhawk soccer moms in oversized SUV's.
by ambivalent alumnus January 14, 2005
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high school in danville where the girls are drunken whores, and the guys think they're black. or in the case of a certain engyptian (moneir), you are convinced you are black.
fuck ya biznitch, i goizzle to monte vistizzle
by Seth January 26, 2005
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Mon-ta Vis-Tah n.
1. high school in danville that is equivalent to a fashion show 2. haven for aspiring "American Top Model" wannabes 3. high school fulla drama, as is expected of most high schools 4. students from this school like to hate on the lamer high schools like Cal
Student from MV: Hey wanan go to the football game agisnt Cal?

Student 2: OMG NO! There are gangsters in San ramon!! I heard they even have minorities at their school, how could they?!
by Danville resident January 13, 2005
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A school where the rich and spoiled students bitch about how the "rich and spoiled" students are gay and how this place is gay because the people are too caught up with their money.
Anyone who has bitched about how bad their life is and how they hate this place on a website that no one will ever see.

This link is brought to you by The best place to whine about how bad your life is and have your alcoholic friends agree with you.
by Chubster May 08, 2005
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High School in Danville, CA that produces hot white chicks that get knocked up all the time.
Girl 1: Dang- did you hear that Jessica got knocked up again?
Girl 2: She goes to Monte Vista, huh?
Girl 1: Yup.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
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The most ghetto town west of the Mississippi river. Located in the San Luis Valley, the only thing more abundant then the Mexicans are the heroin overdoses. The only people that live here are drug lords and potato farmers. Not only are the people here annoying, they are literally AIDS. If you're looking to get mugged on your way to church come to Monte.
On my trip to Monte Vista, I got robbed.
by ELCHAPO@@@ January 19, 2018
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