A gorgeous girl that is just herself all the time. Doesn't try to impress anyone, and hates when people try to impress her. Not a snob & not a jealous person. Ever. Mess with her, you'll have other people to deal with. She's the type of person people can trust and be very close to.
Joe- "Who's the person you said you can trust?"
Jon- "Oh, Samantha."
by Juicy Couture. March 02, 2009
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Samantha's have a very unique, and sometimes strange personality. But aside from the fact that they can be a tad bit strange, they are one of the sweetest, most trustworthy people you know. They are also probably one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. If you are down, within a second you will be laughing again. If there is a hard decision you have to make, they will lead you in the right direction, and support your every move. You can come to her with anything, and she will be the one to encourage you to reach your goal. Samantha is a girl who knows how to put herself in the best places, with the best friends who she knows will always stand by her no matter what. Samantha's are kind, generous, loyal, creative, and altogether beautiful people (inside and out).
Samantha is extraordinary!
by Adi! May 31, 2015
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Samantha: She's gorgous, intelligant, and a person that everyone wants to get to know. A real nice girl with a terrific personality, and a drop dead smile. She is just an all around amazing person, that anyone would be lucky to meet. Then Sams got this ass!! Oh sweet jesus her ass is a gift from the heavens. Its perfect in every way, which can only match her already immearsurable beauty.
Nate: Sup man?
Chocolate Drop: Damn did you see Samantha's ass today? Ands she's also very pretty. ;)
by Chocolate Drop;) May 05, 2013
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A kind,awesome young woman, who is friendly to everyone.She is a very outgoing person and she cares about her friends and family.
Your the greatest Samantha ever!
by speedy1214 January 08, 2009
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The sexiest person ever. She likes straight forward guys and guys that make the first move. If you meet her you won't regret it. She can get any guy and if she double texts you she has a crush on you. She has the best butt and is an unbelievable kisser. If you date a Samantha don't let her go and give her the world.
Boy1: Dude this girl I met is an unbelievable kisser.
Boy2: What is her name?
Boy1: Samantha
by Smartgirl1234 October 12, 2015
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Samantha is a name for that special person who cares for you and that is the nicest person, if you get to know her. She's that type of girl that gives effort and loves to text. She is that type of girl that is really pretty, genorous, nice, amazing, sweet, and is like that one person who is-- different-- in the way that makes her not ordinary, but extraordinary.
Samantha and me are great friends and we love to text each other when we get the chance.
by Zachajaws10 April 12, 2015
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One who follows the S.A.M.A.N.T.H.A dating system. Said person is often named Samantha, Sammi, Sammy, or Sam.

Smile sanguinely
Approach alluringly
Mesmerize Magnificently
Act affectionately
Naturally (e)nchant
Tease Tenderly
Hug heartily
Accept adoration
Samantha: "When dating, I always use my sure-fire S.A.M.A.N.T.H.A system. It has never failed me before."
by YolandaThePanda May 13, 2010
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