Someone who constantly listening to other peoples problems, we can listen give advice and comfort the talkers. we never get asked how we are because *listeners don't have problems*
"Have you spoken to lucy ?"

" yh, she is such a good listener "

" did u ask how she was ? "

" no, she doesn't have any problems"
by Always_284 February 27, 2021
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LOnely and no one listens

even when you listen to them

S_S:hey L'BQ
L'BQ: hey s_s
S_S: so L'BQ how u doin
LALALAA: why wont yall listen to me
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A personal quality of being proficient at listening attentively to people during a conversation.
Man, I always like telling my stories to Joe, he's so listenative.
by JosephLager June 16, 2009
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A word to end the conversation because they proved you wrong and/or had a funnier rebuttal.
by mezziee July 4, 2020
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Something bitches don't like to do💯
Ion got no lady, cuz these bitches don't like too listen-kodak black
by Bootygrabber18002 June 22, 2017
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The same meaning as resting my eyes

It's when you try to act like you aren't going to sleep and you play it off by saying you are just "listening"

Same as- listenin
You going to sleep? no, just listening....Zzz
by SBD April 25, 2005
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