"TheCleverest.com" is a website where people can use their imagination to create funny quotes using pictures supplied by the site's creator. Unfortunately, most people who visit the site are completely retarded in their ability to come up with amusing quotes. The result is a complete lack of humorous responses by (what I can only assume are) complete retards. The result is that The Cleverest gets the worst responses ever.
"I went on "TheCleverest.com" and put down a marginally funny quote and everybody gave me a thumbs down because I'm a retard. Hooray for me!!!!! I'm not funny!!!! I am the scourge of The Cleverest!!!
by the slow kid April 28, 2008
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"Hey I just noticed that sample sentence for Fonts contains every letter in the alphabet!"
"Mt. Cleverest ..."
by JonRock January 5, 2008
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