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A legend of the highest calibre. A notorious individual who excels in everything they do. Famous for quite simply 'owning it'. Men want to be them, and women want to be with them. The star of the show, in every sense.
Wow, that guy is such a Buckley! I LOVE him!
by Administrator101 February 06, 2010
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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no hope or chance
(australian slang, also Buckleys)

Buckley (1780-1856) was an English convict sent to Australia who escaped and survived against the odds for 32 years - living with local aborigines. Everyone had given up on him. Although he survived, the phrase is often used to indicate no hope or chance at all, which is what was thought of they guy until he later surrendered to white settlers.
you've got 2 chances - Buckley's and none
by drleah December 18, 2009
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A grumpy, but funny as hell radio DJ from Canada. He is known for his insulting Youtube videos and his " Worst Songs" videos. He is rather hated but those people who hate on him are probably just jealous that he gets more pussy than them.
Joe: " Hey, did you watch that one video by that funny ass Canadian guy?"

Bob:" Oh yeah! Buckley. He gets so much pussy."

Joe:" Damn right, I let my gf suck his dick."
by Fuck. July 04, 2013
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a disgusting but effective cough syrup that your mom might try to give you.
reactions to it are similar to those of two girls one cup
Billy's Mom: Here Billy, have a spoon of Buckley's and you'll feel all better

Billy: Fuck you, I'd rather die
by missteek October 11, 2008
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Adj. meaning prone to do and say stupid, moronic things and basically acts like an idiot. See 'tard

Noun or Adj. Regional insensitive reference to the patients at the State Hospital located in Buckley, Washington, used to insult people viewed as "inferior," especially with regard to social skills.

Usage: Primarily used by the 14 and under set of the 1970's...hopefully never to return, but hey, we found it funny at the time. And then ya grow up.
About a person who is rather dull or socially inept:
Yeah, well..he's buckley.

To a person acting too flambuoyantly in public:
What are you--buckley?!

To a person who states the obvious:
Duh, buckley!

And used by the most insensitive sort:
Heyuh, buckley retard! (said with contorted lips, tongue protuding, rolling or crossed eyes, and perhaps staggering step)
by Ruston Smelter Kid September 27, 2006
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a tool of the highest order
no better example than that of the tool master buckley himself
by jimmydolain May 07, 2006
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