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Salva is a gorgeous girl in the Middle East, famous for her large and concentrating eyes and puppets, Her beauty is unique and she always shines in the walls.
Her face is like the moon and most people are jealous of her beauty and her big eyes.
She is smart and very well in solving problems, hard and kind. She always looks for peace.
She has a kind heart and has a high social relationship. She has a lot of friends and always hasten to help people.
Anyone who has gotten her has a great chance that nobody can get it!
She is like an angel and a miracle.
Salva loves arts.
by The moon’s daughter August 16, 2018
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Salva - French band
Salva - sweedish for ointment
Salva - Spanish for safe
Salva Curador - EQ2 player (fun guy)

Salva has been known to bring good luck to people
by Stu January 17, 2005
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stu is all pale!!!
hes all pale like a piece of yeti poo! paler than poo, which is actually brown, but for this pioint its all white! like someone who never leaves the house, cos hes afraid of the BBC!!! (Bilton Blazing Crew) for all you dumb people!
Salva is all stu like
by Phil January 17, 2005
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