An urban legend sprouting from the increased popularity of online gaming. The myth of Bilton takes several forms, but most commonly it is a character attributed with impossibly attainable skills. While many spout the existence of Bilton, no proof has ever been discovered.
Many lives have been wasted in pursuit of UFO's, Bigfoot, and Bilton.
by Rafter February 10, 2004
A popular myth designed to attract interest, attention and debate, in order to boost morale and inspire newer players

A legendary false diety fabricated to balance insecurities of an inferior players, and to serve to boast morale among teammates in the ww2 online community. Several players have claimed to see Bilton in action, who boasts of maintaining a 75,000 to 0 k/d ratio online. Bilton stats remain locked, unlike the majority of the playerbase, making it unavailble to the public as to not confirm/deny any information that may contradict these claims.

It is widely rumored that Bilton was fabricated by the developers of ww2 online to counteract 'Insurge', an extraordinary player that terrorized the player base in the most unexpected places during gameplay. Bilton has been given residence to the Allied team, in order to make up the advantage in players the Axis maintains on the game, in turn boosting allied morale and intrigue whenever discussion of Bilton emerges.

In 2006, evidence began emerging that Bilton's legend was indeed fabriated by 'higher ups' in the community for these reasons.
Insurge, if you're out there... Bilton's coming.
by Insurge April 22, 2006
1. A device used to Biltonate meat (turn meat into biltong). A meat dehydrator.
2. A person who Biltonates meat (a cook who prepares biltong)
My new industrial Biltonator can make biltong in under 48 hours.
Glenn is the best Biltonator I know.
by CapCoco November 10, 2009
To turn raw meat (usually Beef or Game) into the South African spiced, air dried meat snack known as Biltong .
Biltong was developed by the Dutch Voortrekkers ("first movers") as way to preserve meat on their journey up the African Continent which started in the 1820's. Biltong derives from the Dutch words "Bil" meaning buttock (Rump) and "Tong" meaning strip.
Today Biltong is considered a delicacy and a great, high protein low carbohydrate snack, which is made and consumed around the world.
I just bought a 10 pounds of steak which I am going to Biltonate for us to enjoy on our camping trip.
My new Biltonator will Biltonate meat in just 48 hours.
by CapCoco November 10, 2009