The act of dipping your finger in semen and proceeding to brush your partners teeth with said finger.
She wouldn't shut her mouth.. So I gave her the salty toothbrush.
by fluffy finger puppet February 25, 2014
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Salty Tuesdays is the day you can be salty and sassy however you want
"Its Salty Tuesdays dood relax~"
by SaltyShima July 20, 2020
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Where a male is sexually aroused and has to release the juices from his testicles. After doing so, then proceeds to ejaculate all over his own face and bed sheet. Finally ends it off by licking his semen off his bed sheet.
My girlfriend didn't want to blow me and swallow tonight, so I did it myself and got one hell of a Salty Vacation
by Zalranzar June 21, 2017
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I hate what I am doing and nobody helps me. I am stuck in a salty void.
by LazerJesus January 13, 2022
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Salty Whale is when you ask a question to get the teacher off topic
in Latin class studentA: hey Mr.127, what does amo amare come from?

Mr.12: you see studenA, it comes from no Salty Wales
by BigDaddyShaq December 15, 2019
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To relieve yourself with a wank after getting fucked in a game of league of legends or fifa

The welsh call it "jini ffernac"
"Fuck I just got my ass kicked in fut champs im gonna have a salty wank"
"I just got fucked in my lane im gonna have a salty wank"
by Corronica April 16, 2022
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