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Home of the Top End Crew, which is the biggest shit hole in saltburn. The local council has tried many a times to burn down the area, but the scum who live there will not bloody die, they just crawl into there holes (council houses). There appearences are all very simialr; nike airs nicked of the back of a lorry, chav caps, umbro socks tucked in there umbro trackies which have holes in 'cos they cant afford a new pair.
The celebs in the top end crew consist of Fat fern, minging Leanne miller, Dodgy david hicks, Disgusting danny bottomly.
People sometimes visit the crew from skelton, these are Twat face Donna T, and the likes of up the duff Creepy Carly.
Please dont feel it nessercery to visit this place, you will probably get stabbed, or robbed of your belongings or raped by the pedos who live there.
Saltburn is run down by those scum, go on jemery kyle and die.
by Resident of Saltburn October 04, 2008
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