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A sweet guy with a tendency to become depressed. Cares for all of his friends. Usually tries to appear stupid, works well. He hates posers and preps. Good at math and reading through the lies. Very atheletic, can outrun practically everyone (unless you are a car!). Don't hurt him, it won't end well for you. He acts like he can't be hurt by the thoughts of others, but if you're important and say you hate him, it will hurt him badly. Gets lost in thought but doesn't act like it. Very funny and fun to be around. you can't stay mad for long around him.
Person 1: " Yo! I just met a pretty cool guy!"

Person 2: " Really?"

Person 1: " Yeah, he tried to actlike he knew nothing, then i saw this math books. That guy is smart!"

Person 2: " Oh! He must be a saide!"
by Ichigomei February 22, 2010
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