Sagan get hoes mad hoes and he is hot his hair is beautiful he is like a god
Sagan is god
by Chrsiboi May 11, 2019
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Someone who steals your kills in Apex Legends
Cole: I got him low!
Sagan: *Takes the kill*
Cole, Jenk and Evan: FUCK YOU SAGAN
by DaMuskrat February 18, 2019
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A guy who is god like he I very hot and he has nice hair. He is unstoppable and beautiful
I love Sagan he is god
by Chrsiboi May 11, 2019
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scientifically exciting, wonderment
Working to uncover the mysteries of the universe is such a sagan!
by Cari Greene August 22, 2003
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Sagan is the greatest person you will ever meet. he is kind and funny and caring. you will never meet somebody like him and you will fall instantly in love with him. Sagan is always down to be a good friend and will 1v1 you in COD.
"wow you found the love of your life?! is his name Sagan?"
by xxgamergirl1109xx January 15, 2021
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Some guy on the net that has enough DOS bots and exploit knowledge to drop the net.
I have a death wish so i'm going to go into Sagan's IrCQNet channel and abuse him.
by Urban Dictionary October 18, 2003
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