Unexpectedly deficating on a sexual partner while wearing a turtleneck.
-Oh man, you know good carpet cleaner? Tiana got me good last night with that Sagan Surprise.
-Chipotles new chorizo has really been spicing up my Sagan Surprise.
by Itslunchbox February 19, 2017
Similar to the Hot Carl, in the sense that you take a dump on someones face but it is done out of vengeance rather than for pleasure. The Hot Carl Sagan is particularly reserved for people who are smug, self-righteous or know-it-alls.
My boss is such an asshole. She thinks she knows everything and treats us all like we're children. One of these days, I'm going to have to take a trip to Taco Bell, tie her down to her desk and deliver a steaming Hot Carl Sagan to her stupid, self-righteous face.
by kenny.noisewater October 22, 2009
1) a good friend and moral man; 2) loosely translated to 'Lieutenant' in Hebrew; 3) a highly contagious disease, transmitted by sexual contact and/or toilet seats
(eg. Catching a case of the Sagans after sitting on the toilet of a truck stop gas station in West Texas, during an orgy).
by MrSandman555 February 11, 2022