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Verbo. Acción de que algo o alguien soluciona una situación, efecto de librarse de una condición o un problema. Safar (se)
(A alguien que falta a clase, debe safar y que alguien le firme la asistencia) 'El profesor no asistió a la clase y no han pasado la lista de asistencia, así que safaste.'
En ese bar ponen una tapa de tortilla si pides una cerveza, me safa.
by Nastygial December 14, 2014
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A little kid that is almost 12 but still looks like an undeveloped embryo named Safar which is literally pronounced Suffer. (Yes we went this far to get back at an annoying kid that never shuts the fuck up)
"Safar you autistic little shit we told you not to hump other peoples leg." said his mom.
"I don't want to stop humping other peoples leg mom!!!" said Safar.

They then put him up for adoption because who the fuck would want to deal with him, they named him Safar because it is pronounced Suffer and that is what happens to them everyday they wake up and here him play Fortnite.
"I'm gonna keep playing Fortnite even though my parents hate me."
by Yeety Wheaties June 20, 2018
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