when an escort is willing to service two clients of the same sex at once (usually male)
Man, I know a hooker who goes all out, she does couples and DUOS
by Martock March 29, 2013
A partner for playing online games with, to hop into a matchmaking queue as a pair. Typically somebody that one has good chemistry with; a duo is a pair of people who can tolerate one another's tilt. Can be used to refer to the pair themselves as a collective noun, but most often used by one of the two individuals to refer to the other singular member of the pair.
I was on a losing streak but my duo went online and we queued up and crushed it.
by KetchupInTheFridge October 13, 2020
The owl that will kidnap and/or murder your loved ones if you break your streak on Duolingo. It may even tell you to beg you for mercy in the language that you're currently learning.
Please, Duo, bring back my parents!
by oofing god April 8, 2019
1. "Dynamic Duo" as in Batman and Robin

2. "Two" in Latin

3. Goofy-ass outgoing person

4. Goofy-ass outgoing person who uses their happiness to hide something, most likely sadness

5. Oxymoron

6. (3) derived from the fictional (dammit) character of Gundam Wing

7. Incorrect spelling of Homer Simpson's "D'oh!"
1. That troublemaking duo left dung in his in-tray again.
2. I can't speak Latin.
3. You're such a Duo.
4. You're such a Duo, stop pretending.
5. Big shrimp is an oxymoron.
6. What would YOU do with a meter-long braid?
7. Duo! I shit in my pants again!
by miso November 27, 2003
Hot, sexy boy with a long braid down to his shapely ass. From Anime Series Gundam Wing.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
hot boy from gundam wing. very, very sexy! in yaoi fandom, usually paired with heero.
i just read a really good duo/heero fanfiction!
by yaoi_fangirl April 17, 2005
1. Cute boy with braid from New Mobile Suit Chronicles Gundam Wing. Pilots 01-SR Gundam Deathscythe, and later Deathscythe Hell and Deathscythe Hell Kai. Suspected of fucking and/or getting fucked by pretty much everyone else in the show. Especially Heero Yuy.

2. The poor boy that get's picked on the most in Tori Yuki Ichimura's fics.

3. The idiot that signed his soul over to Sotsu and now spend a fraction of his spare time bitching about it to his awesome friends at FanFiction.Net and L2.
"Fsck, Yuy... It's 4:30 in the morning and you're still on the computer? You're acting like Duo..."
by D. V. Maxwell July 27, 2003