Delectible shot made by pouring 2 parts Rumpleminz and then carefully adding 1 part irish creme. The irish creme will remain seperate and give the appearance of a yolk floating in egg whites. Tastes great and best of all is 100 proof! Came up with this one night when the home bar was running low.
by Rainer January 26, 2006
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basically just an insult to hurl at people who act like they're five
by zanek111 February 29, 2020
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1 See fetii
2 A mix drink consisting of Bailey's and Galliano. Famous for the somewhat sinister looking drop of baileys that floats in the middle of the glass resembling fetii
3 A German rock band
1 No son for me since the biatch has had an abortion.
2 I don't like to have an embryo because it tastes like shit.
3 Embryo has a gig in Münich tonight.
by quisp January 6, 2005
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Well...c’mon. Everyone knows embryo y’all.
“Why does your bio say “embryo y’all”?”
“Well cmon dude everyone knows embryo y’all!”
by Herrick_ryan January 8, 2018
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Refers to an Egg Sandwich. The egg being the embryo of a chicken.
Don't go runnin' in da hall snackin' on yo' embryo sandwich.
Go suck on yo' embryo sandwich.
by Raymond Zheng September 8, 2005
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When a woman gets pregnant and then divorces and remarries a man with children. To the man’s children, the embryo will be known as the step-embryo.
What are you doing to me step-embryo?
What are you still doing in the shower step-embryo?
Help me step-embryo, I’m stuck in the washing machine!
by sxcuwu May 29, 2020
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Someone who has a girlfriend for two years but doesn’t admit she’s a lesbian

(Before stage of baby lesbian)
by Embryo lesbian October 23, 2019
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