A young male who usually has at least 2 of these characteristics: Arrogant, annoying, rude, selfish, self-absorbed, inconsiderate, or enjoys putting others down.

A majority of "popular guys" at your school can be classified as a douche bag.

His activities may include disrespecting girls, cracking "your mom" jokes, disrespecting teachers, making fun of everyone around him, skipping class, or attempting a cover of someone who doesn't deserve to be called a rapper.

They especially like to insult students who are weird (liking different things, having different hobbies, ect. than the douche bag thinks is acceptable).
Drake enjoyed bullying anyone who was "weird" in his eyes, and soon was known as the high school douche bag.
by Justabandgirl August 06, 2012
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A singular person or group of people who wear Northface and Air Jordans, NIKE Socks and Sandals (or similar pair of popular footwear) Constantly uses old internet jokes (Ex. Come At Me Bro, The Game ect.) and "That's What She Said". They claim to be popular by working out, act rude to everybody except other douche-bags or the girl they are trying to impress, play nothing but Angry Birds, Modern Warfare 3 and the newest version of the most popular sports game and claim to be a gamer. Has a need to stand in the middle of the hallway. They usually are pretentious, obnoxious and typically have no interesting personality.

NOTE: You can still do these things and be a good, clever and interesting person. (But just not many people who do these things are.)
High School Douche-Bag: *Walks into class late while everyone is reading and accidentally trip on someone's backpack*

"Come at me bro!"

*Then sits and plays with phone all class period while talking loudly to friends*

Me: *Whispers to friend*

High School Douche-Bag: *Looks at me and says:* "You guys, I'm trying to read here so can you be quiet"

*Goes back to talking about the football game to friends*
by SegaGenocideCD March 02, 2012
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Perjorative term for Fisk, Spellman College and Howard Universities, all of which have in the past have been allegedly guilty of refusing to admit students with skin tone darker than a brown paper bag.
"No way am I going to a brown paper bag school. I'm applying to 'Skegee (Tuskegee)."
by Bill Peters August 19, 2006
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