No matter who, what, when, where, why, or how, this girl always ends up being seen as a ray of sunshine. She could do the dirtiest deeds or the sweetest things and still light up someone's world.
Oh no, it's lady assassin Sadie! Hottie.
by Dr. PresidentforSanDiego July 23, 2015
a sweet angel who will never be forgotten. An original favorite.
Sexy Sadie is a song by the beatles. True story. Also a special cat who is watching us.

You LIE! Thats a Tallllll Tale!!!!
by daywalkz July 19, 2015
A Sadie is a sweet person who just wants love *wink wonk*
Man, Sadie really just wants to love you.
by secretlovahh June 13, 2018
Classy girl with that southern charm. One of those "good girls who haven't been caught." Type of girl everyone wants to wife up. Sweet with a good sense of humor but will speak her opinion. That's a total Sadie
Dude I think I wanna marry her... but is she really Sadie-like? She's such a Sadie, always sweet!
by Roblox Ian March 14, 2017
She is a girl who's super pretty, but doesnt know it. She loves sports, has an attitude and isn't afraid to flip shit on you if you piss her off. Anything she does, she does her best. She's got a big booty to match her attitude. She's tough as fuck and you should be happy to know her.
" she is pretty, funny and plays sports ?! geez what can't she do?!"

"man I wish I was dating sadie"
by volleyballlover10 March 16, 2015
A name for any beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. Sadie's tend to be really funny and short. They are also smart and don't take crap from anyone. A Sadie is a girl that you can't get enough of and whenever you see her you can't help but smile and watch as she smiles back. Her smile is also great. I happen to love a Sadie.
Boy 1: Hey, did you hear about that new girl? She is really beautiful and funny.
Boy 2: Duh, her name is Sadie.

Boy 1: Did you hear the Beatles have a song called "Sexy Sadie"?
Boy 2: Duh, all Sadie's are sexy.
by hagganlokker December 15, 2010
A girl that will laugh at every joke, while at the same time setting people up for jokes in the mean time. Loves to play sports and hang with friends. A girl that is not consernd with fashion and is perfectly fine with wearing clothes from a thrift shop; as long as they look good of course. Often are moderately tall with brown hair. Makes a great life long friends, and does not gossip about others
Steve-Wow that girl is being a total Sadie!
Joe- You are right she laughs at all my jokes, man I am sure glad to have a life long friend like her!
by Lish563 October 15, 2013