/wɪŋk wɒŋk/ expression: a typo for "wink wink", used to indicate unobvious or upcoming humour
Cool! what's your new video about??
I'll let u know when it's published *wink wonk*
by dumbDefiner September 5, 2020
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some bullshit made up by the thot ashleigh wannanananan
"Ashleigh what is to wink wonk? "
"its when you wink and then you wonk"
by lesbian sheep shagger December 1, 2018
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Another term for ones valued member, mostly referring to a mans penis, but can also be used to title a loved or valued individual.
If you're lucky, I will show you my wink wonk.
by Recluse2010 February 5, 2010
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a term used when one is turned on by a ginger and is horny. it practically means ginger please fuck me i miss you.
dude, I wanna wink wonk tonight
by felicity grace June 9, 2019
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