too happy, extremely giggly, excited.
by Spinstress July 15, 2003
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The feeling of enrichment and happiness in one. Being happy for no reason.
That shirt makes me feel so giddy, I want one just like it.
by OhCrud October 17, 2017
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Giddy (comparative giddier, superlative giddiest)
1. Dizzy, feeling dizzy or unsteady and as if about to fall down.
2. Causing dizziness: causing dizziness or a feeling of unsteadiness.
3. Lightheartedly silly, or joyful elated
4. (archaic) Frivolous, impulsive, inconsistent, changeable.
1.The man/woman became giddy upon standing up so fast.
2. They climbed to a giddy height
by Joseph Vansanten May 24, 2022
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Ian Clough got into giddy overdrive and couldnt contain his laughing attack so Mr.Finsel dragged him to the principal office.
by Dr Kenieth Noisewater January 11, 2009
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Furby's are Giddy!
by Alex February 17, 2003
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Frivioulous, Happy, Excited. Hyper, Loud, Obnoxious, Twitchy. Squirelly. Mallory.
"Stop being giddy I'm trying to sleep!"
"I can't! It's just me!"

That's what I call giddy.
by GiddyGirl3108 April 19, 2009
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1. n. Street slang for methamphetamine.

2. adj. Also used to describe the condition of being high on methamphetamine.
1. Buddy scored a 'ball of giddy.
2. That goof was so giddy he was rubberneckin it all the way home.
by Captain T. September 28, 2010
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