The feeling one is overwhelmed with once they have memorized every euphoric moment of the Maddness cartoons and have come to the realization that there are no more to be seen at the present. Soon followed by a poor attempt to indulge the desire by watching salad fingers...and then relizing that was in vain and returning to aforementioned feeling.
Chucky began to cry as an onset of saddness acured to his countenance, there were no more Maddness cartoons to be viewed.
by Ashleigh6321 September 27, 2006
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A racial slur used to demote sadnessified, A popular Deeeeptuber who plays the hit io game!
the origins of the word can be traced back to user "revenge seeker"
revenge seeker: No I dont beleive any human should get their rights revoked, However I do have an exception for sadd
by updateseeker December 6, 2020
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Students Against Destructive decisions (formally known as Students Against Drinking and Driving)
Against many forms of drugs, narcotics, etc. Formed of people who believe what everyone tells them, and will eventually jump off of a cliff because someone told them they were druggies if they didn't.
"The media says drugs are bad, so I decided to join SADD."

"That one commercial with the high guys running over the little kid looked so real."

"I've never done drugs, but I'm against them because I know all about them."
by MX November 1, 2003
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NEVER let go of a Sadde. She has the most disgusting humour, loudest laugh and warmest heart. Its hard to meet someone kinder BUT don’t get on her bad side. She can easily make ur life a living hell. People always trust her which makes her the one who knows everything about everyone. She’s loyal, her best friends won’t count when u say ”dont tell anyone”.

She always makes u feel like ur her bestie , even if u met her two secs ago. She’s the queen of making everyone feel included and she’s VERY open, tmi decribes her well. Her bestfriends knows EVERTHING, every little detail.

Sadde is down-to-earth and she likes flaws so dont make fuss. U can ask her anything, she’ll have advice. If she doesn’t have experience she’ll know cause she reads ALL THE TIME and wanna know everyhing so she’ll search the whole internet if she has to. Even if its silly like; how to put a tampong in. And she’ll be more than happy to help, even with the putting-in-the-tampon part. Nothing’s to disgusting.

Sadde has LOTS OF FRIENDS, she’s popular everywhere cause she’s easily-loved. If ur her bestfriend know that even if u fight she’ll always love you and would still drop everthing in a heartbeat if you need her. Know that as soon as you meet a Sadde make sure to do everthing in you’re power to keep her in you’re life. She’s the sister u never had. Don’t fucking mess it up you dumb ass.
- Wow the fuck, who’s that? Her laugh is amazing and she looks so confident?!!!

- Yeah I KNOW, thats Sadde!!

- How do you know? You didnt even look?

- Well who else would pass that describtion better? And everyone knows Sadde, i could recognize her laugh miles away.

- Wow do you think i dare to talk to her?

- Ofcourse, she aint dangerous!! Just walk by her and she’ll probably start talking to you whether you want it or not so just do it.
by bellsan June 20, 2020
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Superior Appearance Deficit Disorder
or very very ugly.
Allen : "Do you have SADD Jenny ?"

Mark : "She is so SADD."
by Thomas Nguyen March 3, 2008
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retard 1: damn bruh she curved you hella hard, you depressed or some shit
retard 2:nah im just kinda sadd
by thotimus maximus October 19, 2017
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a group of emo's that walk around so that you can tell that their emos
by messa September 6, 2006
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