dont you think people obsessed with twilight are soo sad??
by iloveMLIA December 27, 2009
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when chicks have a big o booty that you just cant keep your eyes or your hands off of so big and sexy its like...DAMN....you walking down the hall and then like...DAMN!
tashaniq when you bout to come over i wanan examine your S.A.D
by DONTRIP November 20, 2007
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An acronym for two mental disorders:

1) Social Anxiety Disorder
Also known as social phobia. It is a fear or worry about social situations. People with SAD often appear as being shy, but in extreme circumstances sufferers can become extreamly depressed and suicidal. Social anxiety causes difficulty with social interaction. It is a mental illness and should not be seen as just shyness.

2) Seasonal Affective Disorder
A mental disorder which causes the sufferer to become extreamly depressed during the colder, darker winter months. Although it's not known what causes this, it is still a mental disorder and should be treated as such.
1) My SAD has stopped me from going to many parties. I don't go out much.

2) I go on holiday to Australia during Englands winter months to avoid setting my SAD off.
by Whiptail August 19, 2007
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Severe Ass Disease

When girls have that round & large booty. Fat chicks don't count.

Some girls are born with S.A.D Syndrome and some got it from a plastic surgery.

Unluckily S.A.D is not contagious. While the few fortunate girls have S.A.D some have A.D which is similar but smaller in stature.

(look up A.D on urbandictionary)

pervert: you wanna come over to my house so i can treat your S.A.D?

pervert2: i like to goto the mall and check out females with S.A.D

pervert3: your mom has S.A.D
by diewlaylomo November 20, 2007
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short for Suck A D
aka suck a dick

mostly used on papers and stuff like that so ppl dont know what you are saying and you dont get in trouble.
ex: on my math test by my name i put S.A.D.

by john and G December 03, 2005
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1. The acoynym term pronounced "Suck A Dick" or "S.A.D." - thus directing an individual to participate in fellatio or give a blow job

2. A way of dissin' someone. To communicate disrepect
by Manigma April 13, 2006
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