1) A nicer way of saying no or Hell no.
Are you going to my party tonight,


He said he is going to beat you up,

by spaceace10 January 12, 2010
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An acronym used to describe someone with a "small ass dick"
by 69_Taxman_69 January 13, 2017
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When your depressed but you don't want people to know.
Person1 *Listens to sad music at night when no one is there*
Person1 *is a social butterfly when with people*
Person1 I'm sad but not sad
by SlayQueenie August 6, 2017
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When something is just extra sad
Man Gary’s going extinct that’s sad sad
by Sadtimes☹️ January 3, 2020
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When your heart feels like it is having a panic attack while simultaneously being stabbed with a knife. Typically your eyes will either start releasing the pain through tears or the pain will just build up inside your body until you have to scream really loud in order to relieve yourself of the emotional burden. You will most likely want to hug the person that made you feel this horrible feeling, but, unfortunately, you are alone and sad and scared and have to deal with the pain by yourself.
The sadness I feel right now is sucking down my heart like a vacuum and making it unbearable to be alive.
by heartisinpain123 April 13, 2015
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