1) adjective: unhappy, miserable.
2) adverb: describing an action as being really unfair or uncalled for and totally and utterly pathetic.
1) I was sad when my fish died.

2) Dumping someone by sms text message is just sad.
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005
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Seasonal Affective Disorder. The condition of being grumpy and/or depressed in the wintry months.
I'm sad.
You have SAD! Here are some drugs.
by Stefan November 21, 2003
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Answering your own Facebook wall post
After a heavy night of drinking, Sam found fulfillment to his life by answering the questions that sober Sam had posted on his Facebook wall earlier in the day. A sad site indeed.
by hoods89 January 19, 2013
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Singles Awareness Day
SAD falls on February 14, a day in which those not in committed relationships are doomed to be ostracised.
Q: So, what are your plans for SAD?
A: Hangin' out, drinking heavily, being rich due to not having to buy a diamond ring or some other ovepriced shiny shit.
by Ron Gadcee February 13, 2006
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