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An Intelligent, outgoing, woman. the most beautiful and smart individual, quiet but deadly if you rub her the wrong way, loves to hang out with friends and party. Loyal to friends and if you cross her you will dread the revenge that she gives. life of the party and very friendly, she is very freaky and seductive. very persistent and gets what she wants. works hard to get where she wants to be and doesnt mind helping a friend out if she can.
My friend Latricia is graduating next week.
by sony7887 October 25, 2012
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This is beautiful caring girl that loves people. She is always smiling, but cry's a lot also. She loves art and music but sometimes gets really shy around people. She cares about anything and everything. She can be really fun and funny but can be really goofy and sometimes take things overboard. Other than that she is a really good person and you will have a great time with her no matter what. She is always down to earth ad will tell you how it is. never fake.
Look At Latricia, Everyone loves her.!
by iLove May 17, 2012
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1)a black woman with an abnormally large ass, even by black standards
2)an incredibly lazy, annoying manager who thinks she knows everything about everything, but really doesnt know anything
3)an uber bitch with absolutely no respect from her employees or her husband
Employee 1: "Wtf is her problem today?"
Employee 2: "Idk, she's being a typical Latricia."
Employee 1: "Dammit! I wish she would hurry up and get pregnant so she could be out on maternity!"
Husband: "Oh, hell no!"
by MzMomo September 03, 2008
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