Loving and caring friend, amazing, pretty and always there for her friends
Caz “have you met that girl Sachel”

She’s so nice
by Caz927393838 January 27, 2018
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Sachel is a weird but fun to be around and if u have a bestfriend name sachel she will make u laugh 24/7 Even then ur made her words are priceless
Sachel is dun to be around
by Her bsf: mother February 2, 2020
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Sachelle is very pretty and very sexy. she's the sexiest person on earth next to stephanie. Sachelle is an intelligent woman and has a beauty that catches everybody's attention. Angelic face and natural beauty
by shaminaminaeheh August 23, 2011
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A FATTT SAck of weed aka marijuanna
i got my sachel in my back pocket...
by w33n January 3, 2009
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1. A yellow gummy bear. But only the half-chewed kind.
2. A rock-and-roll making vagina.
Hey don't eat my sachelle!
by Heather Brittain May 2, 2006
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Acris - from the Latin Acre for sharp, referring to the sharp shape of the head

crepitans - Latin for "making a crackling sound", which pertains to the mating call of this species

It's a cricket, it's a grasshopper... it's a frog!

frogs gain their name from their call which resembles that of crickets, but they are occasionally called grasshopper frogs because of their dexterity and jumping ability. This species is the best frog jumper and can jump 36 times its relative body length. The subspecies Blanchard's cricket frog (Acris crepitans blanchardi) is found in the Great Lakes region and is named after Frank Nelson Blanchard, a herpetologist who worked at the University of Michigan.
Sachel Frog has big butt and little or tooth pick legs.
by mr J.R June 3, 2010
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An organic receptical found between the gooch and penile cylinder in male mamals.
Within it are often found two gonads which endeaver to produce love-caviar.
"Would you care to dip my testi-sachel into your mouth?"

"Please let go of my testi-sachel, it hurts when you crunch it."
by McCain123 March 12, 2009
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