Sabres refers to the greatest hockey team in the NHL.
by Flashman16 May 9, 2006
Sabres refers to the greatest hockey team in the NHL.
by Flashman16 May 9, 2006
A second tier NHL team in a 9th tier US city; also known as a team that has been in the league longer than any other team (other then the Original Six and St. Louis) without winning the Stanley Cup even once.
Example 1:
Person 1: Dude, my Sabres are doing awesome this year!
Person 2: Sure, remember when they choked in 1999?
Person 1: That was No Goal!

Example 2:
Tampa Bay has exactly one more Stanley Cup than Buffalo.
by CJ DUB May 24, 2008
A weapon used in the sport fencing.
It involves slashes, and target area is anywhere above the waist.

The most fun and fastest weapon to fence with!
I picked up a sabre and got ready to fence.
by lyssth December 26, 2003
Literally, the sweetest and most beautiful being alive.
Did it hurt, Sabre'?
Did what hurt?
When you fell from heaven. :3
by MykulRegul June 30, 2011
Trebek: Popeye is this sort of man
connery buzzes in
Sean Connery. And remember these are words that begin with the letter s, not swords.
Trebek: No
Connery: It began with a bloody S!
by Lilparkczar November 13, 2007
The SABR which stands for Sneak Attack By Roger is a tennis tactic. This tennis tactic was first used by Roger Federer in 2015. The SABR is when the player standing on the baseline to return the serve rushes up to the service line when the server is looking up at the ball. After the player on the baseline hits a half volley he runs to the net to cover more distance.
Roger Federer used the SABR effectively.

Only do the SABR on second serves.