The funniest and most handsome person on the planet.Also one of the most intelligent. He is said to be a god.
Sabin is the best!!
by NukeGuy September 26, 2019
From Final Fantasy VI, he is Edgar's infinitely more badass twin brother and all-around pretty cool guy because he uses his fists to lay down the hurt onto foes and is not afraid of anything.

He has a very kickass ability called Blitz, which allows him to perform really cool martial arts moves. For example: if you press down, down, left in that order after choosing Blitz, he can shoop da whoop enemies, adding even more win to his stats.

What's even more badass about him is that he can equip shields and NOT have his attack decrease, making him the first monk in Final Fantasy to ever pull such a feat. He wields claws and moves like a motherfucking ninja.
Sabin used Bum Rush against Kefka for 9999 damage.
by Penbiks February 23, 2008
The sweetest, most adorable girl in the entire world. She is sweet, optimistic, fun, loveable, artistic, friendly, generous, creative, innocent, silly, kind, talented, hilarious, gentle, charitable, happy, clever, and beautiful. Sabines live to please others and make them happy, but are often prone to being pushovers. She can even be a little overly shy or passive when she feels intimidated. Despite her submissive nature, Sabines are great to be around and will always try to get you to smile. You normally can't help but smile just thinking about her just because of her overwhelming happiness and cuteness. She is most likely extreamly artistic, but may be shy about her talent, so you may not get to see her amazing artwork right after meeting her. She has a great taste in music, and is possibly one of the funniest and most creative people you will ever meet. She has a wicked sense of humor though, so try not to get offended, and keep in mind it's only a joke! Sabine is amazingly kind and loves nature and animals. She probably spends a few hours a day volunteering at an animal shelter. She loves video games and can be an amazing actress and singer, but it takes some persuading to get her to show off her talents. Sabines have naturally soft hair and skin, and are great in bed. ;) If you're lucky enough to meet a Sabine let alone have one fall in love with you, you'd better claim her before anyone else gets her. People would kill to have someone as loveable as this!
Example 1

Person 1: Have you seen the painting Sabine made yet?
Person 2: Nah man, she won't show me. She's too shy, but I hear it's amazing.
Person 1: Are you kidding me? Haven't you seen any of her other work?! I'd stab a baby to be as talented as that!

Example 2

Person 1: I need someone to help me raise money for this charity I'm doing.
Person 2: You should ask Sabine, she's always willing to help everyone.

Example 3:

Person 1: *crying*
Person 2: Why are you sad? Oh, I know! We should go find Sabine! She knows just how to cheer everyone up!

Example 4:

Person 1: I met the absolute most gorgeous girl in the world today.
Person 2: Let me guess, her name is Sabine.

Example 5:

Person 1: I wish Sabine would sing something for me. I heard she did it for her boyfriend. Her voice is so sweet and lovely I bet it sounds great.
Person 2: Good luck with that. You know Sabine, she's too shy and modest.

Example 6

Person 1: Sabine told me the absolute best joke the other day.
Person 2: Yeah, she told me too. I wish I was as creative as that. She probably does great on school projects.

Example 7

Person 1: You know, Sabine is so passive, I wonder why she never gets bullied.
Person 2: Well, you know her. She always makes the best of everything. It's probably impossible for her to get offended. And besides, do you know anyone who could ever possible hate someone as sweet as that?
by DestinyLove November 20, 2013
A cute, passive girl, who is always smiling and more the willing to help everyone.
Person 1: Sabine is always so happy, I wonder why.
Person 2: She's always trying to help someone out, maybe her happiness comes from the goodness of her heart...?
by asdfghjklqwedmxxh November 20, 2013
◄Simply WOW!►

Sabine's a woman who knows what she wants - and how to get it! She's smart, quick at repartee, wonderful to share and create ideas with, funny and special. She's loyal as a friend but always speaks her opinion. Sabine is never boring, always up to something funky and fun and does things with style.
Sabine will always be true to herself and the ones she loves. So if she does love you count yourself lucky!!!
(I do!)
FabSab u're simply fabulous!
by seeso April 30, 2012
One of the most talented women you will ever meet. Sabines are usually extremely talented in musical arts or dance. She is smart, beautiful, stunning and has a wicked sense of humor! She always has a come-back line for everything. Watch out though, she's as feisty as she is gorgeous... that also means in bed! She's what men would consider "Perfect".
Guy A: "I met this girl last night..."
Guy B: "...And...?"
Guy A: "Well Imma put it this way... She's a Sabine!!"
Guy B: "DAMN BOI!!! You gonna share dat?"
Guy A: "Heeeeeellz no!"
by MannyDee October 26, 2009
The action of being pushed to the side. When a group of people are walking on the street, some of them are left behind, marginalized because there's not enough room on the sidewalk. Usually the "alpha males" of the group tend to be in the front, while the less important people remain behind. Those people will then try to pull a "Sabin" by forcing themselves in the middle of the group. There are multiple ways to do this, but the most common and easiest one is to go in front of the group and slow down until you are in the middle.
A group of 5 colleagues are walking on the side-walk. Only 4 of them fit at a time, the 5th one, John, being left behind. John is feeling marginalized because he is not in the middle of the group. John will then go in front of the group and slow down until the group splits in half. John just performed a "Sabin" and is now in the group of 4. The person that was left behind is said to have been "sabinized".

LOL, you've been sabinized!

OMG, you were trying to sabinize me! you bastard!

Mihai was trying to do a "sabin" but was denied by Lucian and Andre who were paying attention. They noticed his futile attempt to slow down in front of them while starting a conversation about football.

That was a perfectly executed "sabin".

He sabinized me from behind, i haven't seen that before.

When he stopped in front of me, it was obvious what he was trying to do, but it was too late, i was already sabinized.

Andrei and Florin just did a double sabinization, a difficult move to pull off, but Alex and Mihai were not paying attention and now they have been pushed to the side. Good job Andrei and Florin.
by Infernal01 June 25, 2014