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From Final Fantasy VI, he is Edgar's infinitely more badass twin brother and all-around pretty cool guy because he uses his fists to lay down the hurt onto foes and is not afraid of anything.

He has a very kickass ability called Blitz, which allows him to perform really cool martial arts moves. For example: if you press down, down, left in that order after choosing Blitz, he can shoop da whoop enemies, adding even more win to his stats.

What's even more badass about him is that he can equip shields and NOT have his attack decrease, making him the first monk in Final Fantasy to ever pull such a feat. He wields claws and moves like a motherfucking ninja.
Sabin used Bum Rush against Kefka for 9999 damage.
by Penbiks February 22, 2008
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a badass kind of guy that is shy but out going at the same time he cares about the ones he loves all the time and when he see's the girl he likes he gets a big smile he may not talk to her all the time but when he does he try not to make a full of him self but he doesn't know is the girl he likes likes him back but she's to afraid to tell him
I ship a sabin and a madison what do you think
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by avirel May 24, 2018
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