short for Special Victim's Unit. a television spin-off of the popular cop drama Law & Order, dealing with sexually-based crimes and offenses.
SVU is a really exploitive, depressing show, but it's also quite addicting.
by dagger_grrl February 14, 2004
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As a noun it refers to Law & Order Special Victims Unit a television show . As a verb it means to rape someone, or commit similarly dastardly sexual crimes against someone.
"If she's not into it, you are SVUing her."
by K41n3n March 21, 2018
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An abreviation of Snaiperskaya Vintovka Ukorochennaya. Inshort a bullpup version of the SVD.
The SVU is popular among the MVD's OMON forces.
by Don Cossack March 18, 2004
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To be so badly defeated (i.e. beaten or raped) by something that the Law and Order SVU team should have been called. Derived from the slang terms
Oh my god, that test was so hard, it totally SVUed me!

Dude, we played basketball against Joe and Tom, they totally SVUed us.
by 0a9sf8as09uj July 25, 2009
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The best spin-off of Law & Order. And the best show in history very addicting but also very disturbing
Person 1: what's your fav tv show
Me: Law & Order SVU its soo addicting

Person 1: (sighs) you watch that shit?
by Jane...Doe August 01, 2017
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A show you must see on USA that has thrilling stories and amazing actors such as Christopher Meloni who is a detective that has a family and sometimes brings his personal and family to the job. SVU: stands for special victims unit which pertains to victims of rape.
Law and Order: SVU kicked butt last night.
by Marisa S.* February 26, 2008
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A TV show where you can make quality memes out of the intro.
Friend: Bro look at this scene I just figured out when I watched it as a kid
Me: *makes a Law and Order: SVU meme with the scene*
by fc2078 January 08, 2021
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