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Technical term for demonic possession. Not even necessarily demonic in nature. Even angels belialize.
I beg of you, if we're going to fuck, at least let me belialize!
If you go head stomping, you better belialize it!
Watch out for those folks, they're a little obsessed with random belializations
by K41n3n February 27, 2017

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A person's physical body. From the the perspective that they are merely shells that house our souls.
"Yo, Dalton! Check out the flesh condom on that babe!"
by K41n3n October 24, 2017

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As a noun it refers to Law & Order Special Victims Unit a television show . As a verb it means to rape someone, or commit similarly dastardly sexual crimes against someone.
"If she's not into it, you are SVUing her."
by K41n3n March 31, 2018

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Someone who vapes.
"Yo, Brennan. See that dude vaping over there? Yah, he's a douchebag"
by K41n3n October 24, 2017

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Thirsty hoe over there.
"See that person staring googly-eyed at you?"
"Yep, it's a thot."
by K41n3n March 03, 2019

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A derogative term for a clitoris.
Similar to prick.
"Emma is such a prit"
by K41n3n July 04, 2020

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