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It is a spirit in the month of November. It basically is a time when no man can not "bust a nut", such as ejaculating/masturbating. It also means that they cannot have sex with anyone, but they can kiss, as said by the news.
Woman: Don't bust a nut this month! IT is No Nut November!
Man: Don't ask me to bang with ya!
by fc2078 November 2, 2020
A TV show where you can make quality memes out of the intro.
Friend: Bro look at this scene I just figured out when I watched it as a kid
Me: *makes a Law and Order: SVU meme with the scene*
by fc2078 January 8, 2021
A song by MC Hammer released in 1990, also a song used for mocking if you don't others touching your stuff
Girl: Ooh, look at this phone!
Boy: U Can't Touch This (starts singing)
by fc2078 January 4, 2021
A company that makes computer hardware, mainly if you're building a new PC or upgrading your current one.

Good move buddy
"Hey bro I got a Z390 mobo from Gigabyte!"

by fc2078 January 15, 2021
Bra backwards, but used if you don't want to say the actual word.
Luke: She's so hot, I just want her to take off her arb
Jake: Her WHAT!?
Luke: Arb, but backwards
by fc2078 January 20, 2021